Playlist: Multi-Dimensional Womxn

Playlist: Multi-Dimensional Womxn


This playlist features the work of some female artists that are pushing new sounds as extensions of their unique personalities. Each of the womxn in this playlist offers a distinct visual and musical aesthetic that combats industry norms. Pay attention to these womxn…they are on the rise.

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IAMDDB – Drippy

IAMDDB is sure to have a crowd bumpin with her confident and easy bounce and neo-soul, UK flow.

Krissy Marchante Feat. Kay Bells & Qing Qi – THE BADDEST

Hailing from the Bay, producer and DJ Krissy Marchante’s new record “Poon Typhoon” has been buzzin recently bringing in new rap that’s stayin hyphy.

Opal, Sunny Moonshine – Coco Miyaki

One of my favorite songs from summer, Opal, continues to bring new electronic and hip hop sounds with sultry vocals and dance beats.

Tia Nomore – Tokidoki Lenses

Another Bay Area queen, Tia Nomore is back at it blending Bay Area beats and flow with Japanese sounds and language, creating her own medium.

Rina Sawayma – Cherry

Rina Sawayma is a London-based Japanese singer, changing the pop game with her computer-girl personality in a new dimension.

Arima Ederra – Artist Addiction

We slow it down a bit with this Arima Ederra record, as the L.A.-based Ethiopian singer brings her dreamy vocals and mellow electronic sounds.

Alexandria Feat. Ethereal – Ok…

Singer Alexandria’s smooth R&B vocals pairs perfectly with Ethereal’s experimental hip hop production. The duo has yet to release some new music, but their older work continues to slap and capture new listeners.

Nathy Peluso – La Sandunguera

Nathy Peluso is one of the most interesting artists I’ve recently come across, kind of like a Latina Jessie Jay crossed with Erykah Badu.

Debby Friday – MEDUSA

For those into electronic and punk music, female artists like Debby Friday should be on your radar. Her deep vocals and underground sound tell a story of queerness, identity, and raising trouble in this record.

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