Failing Gracefully: A New Season of Adult ISH

Failing Gracefully: A New Season of Adult ISH


Adult ISH, YR Media’s award-winning culture, storytelling, and advice podcast co-hosted by Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen is back for an all-new season. New episodes of the podcast will air every week on Thursdays starting April 8 through June 10, 2021, and will feature a weekly mix of thoughtful conversations, immersive stories, charismatic guests and practical advice addressing the transition to adulthood with humor and heart. 

Now in its fifth season, Adult ISH will feature special guest appearances by actors, entertainers, activists, chefs, and influencers. The new season of the acclaimed podcast aims to: 

  • Explore how to take accountability for our past mistakes, with co-host Merk making amends for her “mean girl” past with a little help from her elementary school counselor;
  • Teach us how to improve our culinary skills on a budget, featuring tips from Dan Giusti, former head chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Noma and founder of Brigaid, which partners chefs with local school districts to elevate institutional food service – plus a hilarious co-host cook-off;
  • Provide key advice from entrepreneurs who’ve “been there” on failed and successful business ventures in early adulthood, including baker Iesha Williams and Nyge’s clothing line flop;
  • Tackle mental health themes through personal narratives about medication, a guided meditation with celebrity yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley, and a digital detox challenge;
  • Dive into youth climate change activism for Earth Day, talking to some key players under 25 who are fighting for a sustainable future, including superstar environmental justice activist Mari Copenay (aka “Little Miss Flint”);
  • Get real about workplace dos and don’ts withYR Media CEO Kyra Kyles; plus, co-host Nyge has a frank conversation with a former boss who fired him. 

“Just when I thought we’d reached the peak of ‘putting it all out there,’ we challenge ourselves to go deeper,” said Nguyen. “You’re basically getting caramelized onions this season — more unveiled layers of our identities, occasional tears, and time to remember that growing up can be sweet.”

“We are taking a whole new approach to this season,” said Turner. “This is going to be the most mature season so far because we realized after years of doing this, we still keep falling face first with this adulting stuff. This time around we lean all the way into our failures, and somehow still find a way to laugh at our mistakes. We have been vulnerable before, but this time around there are truly no walls to hide behind.”

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Adult ISH is produced by YR Media and brought to audiences by the Radiotopia podcast network from public media organization PRX. The show is available via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon Music and wherever podcasts are available.