Listen Up! New Season of Adult ISH Launches on Oct. 8

Listen Up! New Season of Adult ISH Launches on Oct. 8


YR Media’s Adult ISH, the acclaimed culture, storytelling, and advice podcast co-hosted by Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen is back for a new season. BIPOC creators in their early 20s, Turner  and Nguyen  are still getting through it all while documenting their experiences for young and young-at-heart listeners. 

New episodes of the podcast will be released every Thursday through December 10, with a weekly mix of candid conversations on taboo subjects, lively storytelling, and unfiltered advice.

Season four will feature special guest appearances by almost-adults and O.G. adults alike, including actors and entertainers, activists, writers, musicians, and influencers. Adult ISH will:

  • Ponder imposter syndrome and deep fakes, including a conversation about the battle between Jay-Z and artificial intelligence over “deep fakes” of his recognizable voice, and the imposter syndrome we all struggle with making our way in the world; 
  • Take a time out for self-reflection, examining our less mature selves to our slightly less immature selves, including hosts revisiting cringe-making moments of earlier seasons, and a chat with the Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, co-hosts of the beloved podcast “Call Your Girlfriend”; 
  • Reflect on insecurities and finding our way in the world, including a conversation with 22-year-old filmmaker Noel Anaya, who sets out to acquire a copy of his foster care file to understand why he was never placed in a permanent home in his documentary “Unadopted: A YR Media Film”
  • Tackle boundaries with ourselves and others, including a personal take from Merk on navigating adult sibling relationships and an interview with rapper, comedian, actor, and Internet personality Tim Chantarangsu (formerly known as Timothy DeLaGhetto), best known as a founding cast member on the revived version of the popular improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out”; 
  • Explore relationships between older and younger generations alongside actress Ana Golja (“Degrassi: Next Class”) and storyteller Ray Christian (“What’s Ray Saying” podcast);  
  • Dive into the critical issues shaping the 2020 presidential election in collaboration with WNYC’s Radio Rookies and POPSUGAR; and more. 

Recently named by CNN as a must-listen podcast raising marginalized voices, Adult ISH has been deemed essential listening by The New York Times, AV Club, and Harper’s Bazaar. Says Colorlines: “It helps to hear others who speak the same awkward language open up about friendship, immigration, therapy, birth control, and more. That’s where [Adult ISH] comes in.” 

“No matter what age you are, becoming an adult always feels like an ongoing process packed with all kinds of technicolor emotions and thoughts,” said Nguyen. “We never want to shy away from that, and won’t be any time soon.” 

“I got into podcasting because I wanted to create a world for voices like my own,” said Turner. “While we tell stories that only we could tell on the show, we hope everyone might be able to hear themselves too. No matter where you are in life, we’re all still figuring it all out, and that’s okay. Adult ISH is the honest, open place where we can process what life throws our way, together.” 

Learn more about Nyge, Merk and the show here and follow along on social media:

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Adult ISH is produced by YR Media and brought to audiences by the Radiotopia podcast network from public media organization PRX. The show is available via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon Music and where podcasts are available.