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Everyone loves going to the movies. But when it comes to lead roles and the most prestigious acting awards, that usually goes to white men and women. Even with all the hashtags, memes and breakthroughs on diversity, Hollywood is still lacking.

Looking for a movie with a lead who doesn’t look like Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth (or even Scarlett Johansson)? Remix the Movies lets you order up the kind of film you want to see. Focusing on recent wide releases made in the U.S., we’ve broken down your movie search by genre, gender, and race of the person in the starring role. Keep playing around with all the options, and you’re ready to binge. Representation never felt so good.

While there have been great strides in the fight for representation in media, most of the progress is on the small screen. Diversity in television is at an all-time high, with the 2018 Emmys having the most diverse nominees in the show’s history. Netflix has been credited with a flood of original shows and movies featuring actors of color, women and trans people. FX’s Pose has given us the biggest cast of transgender women of color ever–and if you’re looking specifically for movies with trans leads, we’ve got you covered here. But the fight isn’t over. Until there are big blockbusters that represent everyone, the pressure is on, Hollywood.

Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community
Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community