Madison Werner: LGBTQ Advocate Talks Coming Out and Arkansas’ Ban

Madison Werner: LGBTQ Advocate Talks Coming Out and Arkansas’ Ban

Photo: @madisonnwerner/Instagram

Arkansas lawmakers recently overrode the governor’s veto of an anti-trans bill that denies transgender youth access to essential gender-affirming care. 

With the passing of the legislation, many transgender teens and children, not only in Arkansas, but across the nation are wary of their futures.

Los Angeles-based queer advocate, Madison Werner, is one of them.

“To trans kids across the nation: no matter what happens, you are loved on this earth and through the universe itself,” Werner posted on Instagram. “This horrifying government legislation is not a reflection of you, but rather of the world we live in. I can only imagine the depth of pain you are feeling but you are not alone. Please do not give up. We need you here and we need your help in fighting this. I love you so much.”

This transgender glam girl advocates for the rights of transgender people and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community through her educational infographics on social media platforms, specifically Instagram. She teaches her 23,000 plus followers through sharing her own story and showing people how to be confident in who they are. 

On one of her color-coordinated posts, she shares her experience of how she came out to herself, along with her family. In the thread, she wrote: “I was bullied at that boarding school semester. I was my whole life: starting in eighth grade for being gay, but it became more severe after I started experimenting with gender. Every day, I would walk miles away from the campus to escape and collect myself. As time went on there, I started wearing more makeup and feminine clothes. I identified with femininity and found a safe home within it.”

In 2015, Werner started her transition around 17 years old. She openly shares her journey of discovering herself through experiences that were gruesome but drove her to be the confident woman she is today. 

Through her passion for fashion, she has modeled for Coach, Marc Jacobs, Grindr and Candy Magazine. She also shares her love for makeup and styling through her aesthetic Instagram. Madison’s style helps her express her authentic self and inspires others in the queer community to own their sense of style as well.

“Trans women do not owe anyone femininity . . . when folks tell me I should wear heels, it’s an opportunity to listen to myself and learn to say no,” she said in an interview with PopSugar.