Adult ISH Episodes


Episode 1: Love ISH 

Actor Percelle Ascott (Netflix’s The Innocents) dishes out a South London slang lesson and calls out co-host Nyge’s fake British friends. Comedian Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central, Conan) spills the secrets to his 17 dating app traps. Then co-hosts Merk and Nyge chit chat on whether ghosting is ever justified…especially if Merk’s toe jam is involved.

Love ISH Segments 
Momma, I Made It: Actor Percelle Ascott
#GOALS: Comedian Joel Kim Booster
Agree to Disagree: Ghosting or Nah?

Episode 2: HER ISH 

Muslim American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad yacks evil smoked salmon and wins an Olympic medal. Young actress Sydney Sweeney (Eden from The Handmaid’s Tale) gives sound advice to her dead character. Then co-host Merk kicks Nyge off the show and brings on YR Media correspondent Charlie Stuip to chat about vajayjays and pap shmears!

Her ISH Segments
#GOALS: Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad
Special: Pelvic Exam vs. Pap Smears!?
Momma, I Made It: Sydney Sweeney

Episode 3: Life ISH

OWN’s Love Is ___ actor Will Catlett spills the deets on how he fell in love in one night like his character Yasir and what dating was like back in the day (quick answer: more class and less @ss.) Writer and dancer Marlee Grace shares the power of two imaginary people in her head — Gloria and Roger. Then Adult ISH co-hosts Merk and Nyge chop it up on whether you should watch Netflix (or Hulu) with subtitles or nah…especially when it comes to scary movies and Kevin Hart standup.

Life ISH Segments
Momma, I Made It: Actor Will Catlett
Agree to Disagree: Netflix Subtitles or Nah?
#GOALS: Writer/Dancer Marlee Grace

Latest Episode: Pro ISH

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talks Tupac and his MLK-inspired basic income program. Comedian Taylor Tomlinson tells church-approved Titanic jokes and shuts down grandma at the dinner table. Indie-rock star Snail Mail recants her hate for Crunchwrap Supremes. Also, co-host Merk does not do acid. Just air.

#GOALS: Comedian Taylor Tomlinson
Momma I Made It: Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs
Special: Indie-Rock Musician Snail Mail

Latest Episode: Race ISH

Actor Marcus Scribner, aka Junior from Black-ish, dances with questions about interracial dating and HBCUs. Comedian Ronny Chieng, aka the senior correspondent on The Daily Show and fly a-hole cousin in Crazy Rich Asians, lovingly talks sh*t about sh*t talking Asians. Ashlee Haze, a two-time finalist for the Women of the World Poetry Slam, shares an exclusive piece and dives into the inspiration behind her work. Let’s just say it includes valuing self-worth and a combo of doing body rolls in a corset. Yow!

#GOALS: Black-ish Actor Marcus Scribner
Momma I Made It: The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng
Special: Slam Poet Royalty Ashlee Haze

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