Broke ISH

Broke ISH

Episode art created by Zeke from YR Media's Arts Department

Co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen roast each other (and Senior Producer Davey Kim) on their monthly spending habits in this episode of Adult ISH — like what’s up with that huge mimosa bill, Nyge? My Fab Finance’s #millennial money expert Tonya Rapley tells us all how to make money moves. And in a bonus segment, the co-hosts debate whether or not you should help your friends when they ask, “Ayy, can I borrow some moolah?”

#GOALS: My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley

“I can help anybody, but I have a heart for helping POC because our trajectory to wealth creation has been different.”
(Courtesy of Tonya Rapley)

How do you make your dolla bills stretch when you barely have dollars to stretch in the first place? That’s where Tonya Rapley (a.k.a. My Fab Finance’s #millennial money expert) comes in. She gives listeners tools on managing debt, homelessness and impulse buying. ‘Cause word on the Pew Research Center street is that millennials are rackin’ in more debt than previous generations. Yikes!

Agree To Disagree: Lend to Friend$ or Nah?

“If I’m broke I ain’t got you. But if I have the means? Imma handle it, bro!”

Let’s say a friend hits you up asking to borrow money. Do you give it to them? If you’re friends with Nyge, then you’re in good hands (most of the time). Merk, however, isn’t about that life — even if you’re her ride-or-die. But are her reasons really that cold?

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