Episode 8: Future ISH

Episode 8: Future ISH


Harvard Law’s first deaf-blind graduate Haben Girma gets chocolate cake and offers to teach YR Media’s Merk and Nyge how to salsa in Costa Rica (3:02). Finance “father” Sonari Glinton returns to help Nyge flex on his nonexistent retirement game (15:18). Mr. Not Elon Musk (aka Scott Dikkers, the founding editor of The Onion) gets controversial with electric car voting rights (22:54).

Momma I Made It: Activist Haben Girma

“You can’t let sharks stop you from doing something fun!”

YR Media’s Merk Nguyen would surf but she doesn’t f*ck with sharks and Nyge Turner would salsa, but he’s more of a bachata boy. Haben Girma, Harvard Law’s first deaf-blind graduate, does both and tells Nyge and Merk they gotta set their fears aside and put themselves out there! In this conversation, Haben lays out what she’s doing to remove digital access barriers for people with disabilities.

Fine Finance: Sonari Glinton

“I don’t have to ask anybody for sh*t. That’s being a baller.”

YR Media’s Adult ISH co-hosts Merk Nguyen and Nyge Turner have a chat with their “finance father” Sonari Glinton (also NPR’s former business reporter). What the heck is interest? And why is it important for retirement? Merk wants answers. Nyge, on the other hand, wants to flex on Insta. Sonari’s thoughts? Flexing is fine — as long as you’re saving up for the future.

#GOALS: Not Elon Musk

“The electric car has my vote for President.”

Mr. Not Elon Musk (aka Scott Dikkers, the founding editor of The Onion) recently dropped a new book “Welcome To The Future Which Is Mine” which explores questions about the future such as: When will Alexa and Siri become self-aware and convince us to fall in love with them only to break our hearts? And where are the best hidden valleys on Mars to survive the coming Hair Transplant Wars? Nyge and Merk talk to Mr. Not Elon Musk (and Scott) about how The Onion got its start and his controversial stance on an electric car’s right to vote.

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