10 Black Artists to Support for Bandcamp’s New Juneteenth Fundraiser

10 Black Artists to Support for Bandcamp’s New Juneteenth Fundraiser

On March 20th, Bandcamp decided to launch a campaign urging its users and community to support independent artists and labels. From this campaign, independent artists received direct financial support. Starting at the beginning of May, Bandcamp announced “Bandcamp Fridays” where they waive their share of sales on the first Friday of every month until July. Additionally, on Juneteenth, or June 19, Bandcamp announced they will donate 100% of their share of profit to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Today, Bandcamp announced a crowd-sourced tool to help search for music by black creators. The tool allows users to search by genre, location and name, while also including a shuffle feature full of surprises.

Chroma – Sources of Nature

Chroma is a cross-disciplinary creative studio whose goal is to diversify and nurture a consciousness that centers on womxn of color. As a collective, they offer strategies for innovative programming, visual content, effective partnerships and community empowerment. Their latest mixtape is “Sources of Nature,” a musical fundraiser to support and stand in solidarity with womxn of color with an emphasis on the experience of Black people, specifically on Black queer, trans and nonbinary folks.

Niecy Blues – CRY

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Niecy Blues’s spacious, ambient sound is filled with gorgeous, reverb-heavy melodies and harmonies. She allows her vocals to breathe and stretch out over the vast, minimal instrumental valley. CRY is a solid EP that transports the listener to a vulnerable place.

Ovrkast. – Try Again

Oakland artist Ovrkast.’s debut album, “Try Again” is a solid testament to his unique approach to being a wordsmith as well as to his production. Both his productions are introspective and confident. 

Keiyaa – Forever Ya Girl

Keiyaa’s debut album is a refreshing approach to R&B. She melds several genres into a collage of carefully selected sounds and songs that contribute to the overarching structure of the album. Keiyaa fuses lo-fi, smooth beats with empowerment and education on “Forever Ya Girl.” Her writing is driven by black culture and her experiences as a black woman. “Forever Ya Girl” pays homage to the beauty of blackness; Keiyaa is wise and real, provoking self-reflection, self-love and the project is sure to have you entranced.

Pink Siifu – NEGRO

Pink Siifu’s latest album “NEGRO” is an experimental ode to preserving blackness. The project is both painful and prideful but blurs the line between the two in a fundamentally poignant collection of songs. He is currently selling the album on cassette with fifty percent of the profit going to organizations in Los Angeles, Oakland and New York City. 

Noname – Room 25 

Noname’s sophomore album, “Room 25,” is a powerful look into the mind of a woman intimately examining her spirit as well as the world around her. Her commentary is crisp and honest, beautifully weaving together a slew of genres into something potent. She sculpts a sincere collection of songs that dissect shattered politics and the choices between preserving herself and the climate surrounding her.

April + Vista – Lanterns

April + Vista’s EP, “Lanterns,” is a collection of textural and dark songs, touching on themes of heartbreak and healing. Alongside their unique production and sounds, their soulful vocals create a moody, enchanting vibe that is sure to draw listeners into their music.

R.A.P. Ferreira – Purple Moonlight Pages

“Purple Moonlight Pages” is the newest album from rapper R.A.P. Ferriera (formerly known as Milo), the album is upbeat and features jazz-inspired instrumentals. R.A.P. Ferreira raps using a spoken word/slam poetry flow, making his lyrics thought-provoking and symbolic.  

TUSH – Don’t Be Afraid/Into You 

Toronto’s TUSH is funky and transcends a disco atmosphere into a futuristic, gritty yet glamorous soundscape. TUSH is the collaboration between Kamilah Apong and Jamie Kidd, the duo creates vulnerable, raw sounds that are easy to move to.

Ian Isiah – Shugga Sextape (Vol. 1)

Ian Isiah’s warped techno-soul is fluorescent and refreshing. Paired with sharp vocals in a high falsetto and chaotic instrumentals, “Shugga Sextape (Vol. 1)” is saturated with a distinct style and tone that is bold and innovative.

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