Inherited is a climate storytelling podcast by, for, and about young people.

In today’s season finale, storyteller Keerti Gopal shares three stories of climate resilience from the Tao, the indigenous people of Lanyu – a tiny, climate-susceptible island off the coast of Taiwan. From a deep-sea diver on the hunt for increasingly scarce fish, to the keeper of an underground house, to a taro farmer whose fields are destroyed by polluted water, Keerti talks with community members whose way of life is threatened. Together, they look toward a better future.

Inherited features sound-rich stories from a generation of young people facing down the largest threat to life on earth and humanity’s collective future. Intentionally reported and produced, our show strives to enrich and humanize stories told about facing the climate crisis, while providing tangible, well-paid opportunities for a community of new voices to tell them.

Inherited is produced by YR Media and distributed by Critical Frequency, an award-winning women-run podcast network founded by journalists.

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