Adult ISH is a culture, advice and storytelling podcast produced entirely by folks who are almost adults.

Don your aprons and grab your whisks! In this episode of Adult ISH, food and cooking take center stage. First, Merk & Nyge talk about fine dining and cafeteria food with Chef Dan Giusti, who left his job as head chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Noma to cook healthy school lunches for kids. Then, they put their cooking skills to the test for the first Cohost Cook-off! Spoiler alert: things get spicy … and cabbage-y?

Meet the Hosts

Angela “Merk” Nguyen, 24, is a Los Angeles-based podcast producer who is a self-described “cisgendered sis with a knack for puns and alliterations.” She can hold a conversation in Vietnamese for 7 minutes (max) and aspires to be the next SpongeBob (no really, ask about her voice acting dreams).

Nygel Turner, 24, is an Oakland, California-based creator of Not Your Father’s Podcast and YouTube series Not Your Mama’s Kitchen. Nyge is the only person in Oakland who has never lost an argument. He will never own the red Jeep of his fantasies.

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