Adult ISH is a culture, advice and storytelling podcast produced entirely by folks who are almost adults.

In the Season 5 finale of Adult ISH, co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen get into office culture and workplace dos/don’ts. Why did Nyge get fired from his old job? Who better to ask than Dorian Taylor, his ex-boss who had to let him go?! Then the co-hosts get professional advice from YR Media CEO Kyra Kyles on questions like, “Should you really tell someone hiring you that your biggest weakness is working too hard?” Adult ISH (@yrAdultISH) is produced by YR Media and brought to you by PRX’s Radiotopia. It’s also the Radiotopia Spring Fundraiser — your support helps foster independent, artist-owned podcasts and award-winning stories like ours. Donate today at!

Meet the Hosts

Angela “Merk” Nguyen, 24, is a Los Angeles-based podcast producer who is a self-described “cisgender sis with a knack for puns and alliterations.” She can hold a conversation in Vietnamese for 7 minutes (max) and aspires to be the next SpongeBob (no really, ask about her voice acting dreams).

Nygel Turner, 25, is an Oakland, California-based creator of Not Your Father’s Podcast and YouTube series Not Your Mama’s Kitchen. Nyge is the only person in Oakland who has never lost an argument. He will never own the red Jeep of his fantasies.

Season 5

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