10 New Love Songs To Slap (Or Cry To) On Valentine’s Day

Play These Tracks To Set The Mood … Whatever That Is For You.

10 New Love Songs To Slap (Or Cry To) On Valentine’s Day (Getty Images)

Middle of Eden” by Maverick Sabre and Sasha Keable


Maverick Sabre and Sahsa Keable beautifully layer their voices together to form the perfect slow jam. They sing about passion and knowing each other’s deepest emotions. This track paints love as paradise, perfect for enjoying the day. 

oh my love” by FKA Twigs


This smooth, groovy track is super chill. FKA Twigs employs her sugary vocals to express her desire for one person’s love and how her passion is not evenly reciprocated. Anyone who has feelings for someone will be able to relate.

One Woman” by Adekunle Gold and Ty Dolla $ign


Adekunle Gold’s latest album gave us “One Woman,” a tender afropop track that brings in the signature vocal runs of the king of features Ty Dolla $ign. Gold warmly sings of his shameless love for his partner and Ty Dolla $ign describes the beauty of his. Their voices are lovely together and the song will definitely put a smile on your face.

Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon


Not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day. That might be you, and “Heartbreak Anniversary” is perfect. Giveon’s buttery voice puts all of his emotions into the extra-sad song. He sings about the space left by a lover missing from his life over melancholy piano chords. If crying on Valentine’s Day is your thing, here’s your song.

your love is a disaster” by Squirrel Flower


Ethereal vocals and guitar strums compose “your love is a disaster.” From Squirrel Flower’s latest EP, nature-inspired lyrics describe her intense feelings associated with love. Close your eyes and fully enjoy the gorgeous track. 

Out Of This World” by Amber Mark


Amber Mark’s husky vocals pair with bass-assisted piano chords on her song from her debut album “Three Dimensions Deep.” She harmonizes with herself about love that is larger than life and earth. This song will transport you to space and remind you how powerful love is.

Secret” (feat. Vince Staples) by Raveena


“Secret” is a flirty song collaboration by Raveena and Vince Staples. Raveena sings angelically with not so angelic lyrics over a flutey beat. She describes her forbidden love and Staples responds to her temptation. The track is fun and danceable if you’re looking for some energy.

Invincible” (feat. Daniel Caesar) by Omar Apollo


Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar link up for a romantic and emotional track. Gentle guitar strums provide background for their respective vocal styles. While the song is primarily echoey and soft, a faster drum break is a fun uptick. The singers harmonize about missing their partners and their attention. 

Next To Me” by Jim-E Stack and Lucky Daye


Singer Lucky Daye partners with producer Jim-E Stack for a reminiscent synth-based track. Lucky Daye’s raw and smooth voice sings of the past good times and missing an old partner. The electronic-style beat makes for a unique sound matched with Daye’s vocals. If you’re a little nostalgic this Valentine’s Day, this is the song for you.

Needed Some Love” by Babyface Ray


Babyface Ray’s newest project is full of honesty and rawness. “Needed Some Love” reveals his true feelings and desires for authentic love. The track is short but sweet, Ray’s relaxed cadence and soft voice rap one verse and a chorus over a mid-tempo trap beat. If you need some love like Babyface Ray, you’ll like this song.

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