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10 Tracks That Slap


Kari Faux – While God Was Sleepin’…

Kari Faux spits powerful bars from her heart while rapping over a simple boom-bap drum loop. Faux’s vocals are slightly disturbing yet they draw you in closer. Shot on a camcorder, the “While God Was Sleepin’” visual is very well edited and aesthetically pleasing.

Jean Dawson – Power Freaks
Kai Bandz – Did Alotta

Kai Bandz reflects on ups and downs in his latest cut “Did Alotta.” The Fairfield rapper talks about home invasions gone wrong and dreaming about his burgeoning rap career against all odds.

Mozzy – Pricetag ft. Polo G, Lil Poppa

Mozzy recruits Polo G and Lil Poppa for his latest single “Pricetag” from his debut album “Beyond Bulletproof” out May 1st. 

Aflacko – Backstreets

It’s rare to find a song longer than three minutes in Aflacko’s catalog but that’s ok. The Oakland native can concisely tell vivid stories in a short amount of time and his latest single “Backstreets” is no different. 

Avelino – Prey

As we wait for news on Avelino’s debut album, the north London native delivers a single to hold us over. With one-of-a-kind ad-libs, what’s not to love. 

Turbo, Gunna & Young Thug – Quarantine Clean

The only quarantine-based song you should ever listen to. 

Rico Nasty – Popstar

Rico Nasty going pop? 


The NY rapper keeps things pushing with “STOP PLAYING, HIT ME UP.” The rapper discusses topics such as the meaning of life, love, heartbreak and friendship over the Thelonious Martin-produced cut. 


The ever-elusive RMR delivers his second single “Dealer.” The video finds him on the beach getting buried alive. You can find the single on the upcoming “Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art” EP. 

Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community
Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community