10 Tracks That Slap

10 Tracks That Slap
RIMON – The Morning

RIMON is Amsterdam’s latest R&B export. The singer dropped her debut EP “Bbygirl Focu$” in 2018. A six-track love letter to herself and women all over the world serves as a reminder to never forget who you are. In 2019, the singer spent most of her time touring her debut EP while holding over fans with the single “Hypnotizing.” Her latest single, “The Morning,” is produced by longtime collaborator Samuel Kareem and is a soulful R&B ballad. If you ever needed a song to dance in the mirror too, this is the record for you. 

Lil Bean – Star

San Francisco’s Lil Bean is on a mission to be a star. In 2019, Lil Bean dropped three mixtapes that certified him as a rising talent out of the Bay Area. His new single, “Star,” serves as an aspirational testimonial for his aims as an artist.

Deb Never & Kenny Beats – Stone Cold

Deb Never and Kenny Beats is a collab most people probably never would have expected. The video features Deb Never in the ring with a Steve Austin-like wrestler. Although fairly simple in song structure, Deb Never uses simplicity to question fragile masculinity and the loneliness that comes with being the “tough guy.”  

Elah Hale – One Sar Rating

Elah Hale sings about mending romantic relationships in her latest single “One Star Rating.” The Brooklyn alt-singer reflects upon love’s hardships and the unsettling feeling that comes with break-ups. Although the lyrics are tender, the production is slightly upbeat, which gives it a promising and hopeful feeling.

Zaybang ft. Lil Bean – Know Your Worth

Gracing this list is another San Francisco native, ZayBang, who just released his sophomore LP “The Streets Blame Me.” “Know Your Worth” is a catchy street single, with motivational lyrics about not diminishing how much you value yourself. ZayBang and Lil Bean both lace the track with vivid storytelling about street life in the city. 

BAYLI – Sushi for Breakfast

If the title isn’t enough to grab your attention, then the lyrics will most likely reel you in. BAYLI sings about approaching a woman she likes over trap production by Young Hero. Although this is her only song available on streaming platforms, her previous mixtape is available on SoundCloud now. 

Kacy Hill ft. Francis and the Lights – I believe In You

Watch this video for the simple fact that Kacy Hill and Francis and the Lights awkwardly dance. Stay for the synth production by Francis and amazing vocals by Kacy Hill. 

Don Toliver – After Party

Don Toliver recently released the video for “After Party” from his debut album “Heaven or Hell.” If you ever wanted a song to rage to for exactly two minutes and 48 seconds, then this my friend, is for you. 

Smino – Tempo

A new Smino song for the end of the world. 

Giveon – Favorite Mistake (DEMO)

It may seem like Giveon has come out of nowhere after he mysteriously appeared on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle” earlier this month, but the Long Beach native has been releasing music for two years now. The Giveon released his first two records in 2018. In 2019, the singer went on a nationwide tour with Snoh Aalegra and Baby Rose. Giveon exercises a different muscle with his first self-produced record “Favorite Mistake.” The song sits right under three minutes as he sings about a secret lover that he is falling in love with. The song is only available on YouTube and SoundCloud for now, so get it where you can.

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