10 Tracks That Slap

10 Tracks That Slap

Whether you’re in the mood for something smooth or something intense, there’s a song for you in this week’s “10 Tracks That Slap.”


Medhane’s alter ego, AFB, dropped a new EP “FULL CIRCLE” last week. The glitchy video pairs well with Medhane’s buttery experimental lo-fi. “DAN FREEMAN” is just a taste of the gritty raps that flow throughout the Brooklyn rapper’s new EP. 

Jenevieve – Medallion

If you’re into anything Groove Theory, you’ll love this video from Jenevieve. The Miami artist delivers a beautiful black and white visual and an equally gorgeous song, her debut single is both silky and sugary. “Medallion,” is a great chune for times you’re in the car, windows down, with your hand out.

Kehlani – All Me/Change Your Life 

The first half of Kehlani’s new visual is soundtracked by her recent single “All Me,” featuring the legend Keyshia Cole. However, the second half is a new record that the Oakland singer first teased on her Instagram some time ago. Kehlani includes classic Bay Area references in her new video — highlighting turf dancers on what seems to be a BART train, alongside a scene of her hanging out the window during a sideshow. 

deem spencer – green starter

Queens native Deem Spencer’s pitched-down vocals are instantly recognizable in his latest self-produced single “Green Starter.” The single is full of warm, alt-rock, lo-fi sounds that are oddly familiar and comforting.

Thundercat – Dragonball Durag

Featuring Thundercat’s classic twang and walking-on-sunshine falsetto, “Dragonball Durag,” is hilarious and funky. “Dragonball Durag” features sax from Kamasi Washington and additional production from Flying Lotus. If that’s not reason enough to listen then I don’t know what is.  

Caleb Giles – Quick Heat 3 (prod. by AFB)

The Bronx’s own Caleb Giles drops a swift single with “Quick Heat 3,” produced by rapper Medhane’s alter ego, AFB. The title “Quick Heat 3” is an accurate one with the song being just over a minute long, and his monotone delivery fits perfectly over the lo-fi trap beat.

Caleborate – Untitled (Hit Record)

Caleborate returns with a sing-song love song that’s both tender and intimate. Caleborate’s singing isn’t pitch-perfect, but the passion behind his voice is important to note. Dedicated to a special someone, Untitled (Hit Record) is a soothing jam to throw on any night of the week.

The Avalanches feat. Blood Orange – We Will Always Love You

Australian duo The Avalanches joins forces with Devonte Hynes aka Blood Orange for their first single since 2016. The single is woozy and psychedelic, The Avalanches and Devonte Hynes echo throughout the three-minute track and saturate it with beautiful harmonizing.  


Returning shortly after his brash, dynamic 2019 album, “All My Heroes are Cornballs,” JPEGMAFIA is back, and he’s angrier than ever. Peggy’s signature obscure production is an amazing backing for his frantic intensity. Also, he’s bald now.

Princess Nokia – Green Eggs & Ham

Princess Nokia returns with a spin on the children’s classic Matilda, in her latest video “Green Eggs & Ham.” Channeling her inner child, this song is sure to make you want to jump up and down on your bed with joy.

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