5 Hobbies Popular Among Gen Z

5 Hobbies Popular Among Gen Z (Getty Images)

January is National Hobby Month and we’re taking a look at the hobbies that somewhat define Gen Z as a cool generation.


Crocheting has become a cozy, cute and creative pastime for young people. Several small businesses have been launched by Gen Z which include selling crocheted animals, accessories and more!

@lernbern Just wanted to show how up and down this can be! This month was definetly not the same as last but I’m looking foward to see how the rest of the year will go… #crochetersoftiktok #crochet #vendor ♬ mario sound – mandycap

Content creators like @lernbern, and @katerinejoyr share their business journeys on TikTok, giving tips and showing off their unique products. 

Gen Z has even taken to creating personalized gifts from this hobby! Crochet-lovers say this is an anxiety-relieving task that allows them to keep their hands busy and minds creative!

@abigail2336 some things i’ve crocheted for christmas gifts this year! everything turned out so so cute, i’m so proud of myself! 🥹 I can finally post now that I’ve given most of them!! #christmascrochet #crochetideas #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #fyp #foryou #christmasgiftideas ♬ Maeve – Indigo

If you are interested in taking up crocheting, The Woobles offers crochet sets for beginners! You can learn how to make a narwhal, a dinosaur or even a mini Harry Potter!

@mrsmoonheaven thank you @nbcnews for interviewing @made in the moment and me!! this was such a cool experience and im soooo grateful for this hehe. also so cool that they featured @emma, @amazingishgrace, @☆*:.。. alice .。.:*☆ @Lashaan-Rene, @Stitchin with Liz and @sobiestitches (and ofc sir harry styled and tom daley lmao) #crochet #fiberartist #genz #pandemichobbies #crochetpattern #crochetfashiondesigner #CapCut ♬ original sound – jaida — mrs moon & heaven 🌙


Although reading is not as popular an activity as it once was, Gen Z has found an escape from the real world with these thrilling and whimsical series! 

A Court of Thorns and Roses by S. J. Maas is a fantasy fiction novel that follows the lives of characters living in a world of humanes, faeries and monsters. This series has been buzzing on BookTok, and has grown in popularity as the series continues to grow! S. J. Mass announced the upcoming release of House of Flame and Shadow on January 30, 2024.  

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros has been hitting the tops of shelves at Target and Barnes and Nobles as well. Many readers suggest if you are a fan of fantasy novels, Fourth Wing takes the journey to the next level. 


Pop stars are back and are thriving. Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and Paramore are dominating the stage on their world tours, and concert-going has resurfaced as an iconic experience. 

Gen Z is experiencing the adrenaline rush of lively crowds and the bass so loud it vibrates through your entire body. Concerts are often once in a lifetime experiences, and Gen Z seems motivated now more than ever to capture these moments.  

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour sold 4.35 million concert tickets across 60 tour dates, according to AP News.  

Social media is buzzing with excitement as viewers agree that iconic pop stars are “back in business.” 

Just a few years ago Harry Styles sold over 5 million tickets from his 169 shows for “Love on Tour,” according to Forbes.

Gen Z is not only experiencing the fun of live-concerts, after several years of limited access due to COVID-19, but is also discovering their voices through their tastes in music and the qualities of their favorite pop stars. 

It seems Gen Z is cashing in their desire for material good for irreplaceable memories! 

Personal Care

Although “personal care” might not sound like a hobby, Gen Z has made an experience out of skin care, exercise, and mental health routines. 

Journaling, meditating, running and painting have been hobbies Gen Z uses to recenter and relax in the chaotic and fast moving world. 

A lot of Gen Z will take to social media in order to track their progress and hold themselves accountable for their selfcare journeys. It is trendy to be healthy and balanced. This seems to be what Gen Z craves to get out of life. The lack of balance that took place over the global pandemic may have contributed to this mindset. For some, quarantine jump started their journey to personal care. For others, the path back to normalized life brought this motivation back. 

Gym equipment, Sephora products and reusable water bottles are essential products for the Gen Z lifestyle.

Bullet Journaling

Some may argue that “Bullet Journaling” is simply journaling or scrapbooking rebranded by the younger generations. If anything, Gen Z has found their own take on the hobby by discovering the wide variety of styles and niche interests. 

Bullet journaling is a way to document and express passion for the experiences of one’s life! It is often used as a creative way to keep a daily log or calendar.

@goblinbums bullet journaling is the gen z scrapbooking change my mind #quarantine #fyp #bored #new #foryou #art #journal #drawing ♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

Katelynn Robinson is a freelance writer with an emphasis on the arts, culture, news and entertainment. She is a recent graduate from SDSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. You can follow her on Instagram at redhead_reporter and on Medium as Redhead Reporter. 

Edited by NaTyshca Pickett

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