5 Things You Missed in Music Business News

5 Things You Missed in Music Business News


Things are constantly changing in the music industry and it’s important to stay on top of trends and news updates, especially as an independent artist. We’ve got you covered with a weekly recap of the top stories you need to know.

Lil Nas X Drops New “Old Town Road” Remix Ft. Young Thug, & More

As Lil Nas X continues to chart from his “Old Town Road” remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, he delivers a new auto-tuned-out remix featuring none other than everybody’s favorite “slime” Young Thug, as well as Mason Ramsey (known for yodeling inside a Walmart). Let’s see if this wins him next week’s #1 spot!

The Game’s Royalty Payments Seized Until $7 Million Paid Off to Victim in Sexual Assault Case

The Game finds himself in a pickle. He is required to pay victim Priscilla Rainey a $7.4 million judgment from her sexual assault case against the rapper. Initially, Rainey asked the judge to allow her to seize his royalties until the $7 millie is paid off completely. The judge originally vetoed her motion, but just gave her the thumbs up to start collecting The Game’s royalties including the money coming from his record label, until his outstanding debt is paid off.

Lil Wayne Partners with American Eagle for Young Money Collection

American Eagle is partnering with Lil Wayne for a “Young Money” collection! Set to debut August 10th, this should be an interesting collaboration… Clearly targeted for Gen Z kids, Lil Wayne & American Eagle’s joint collection will consist of tye-dye denim, summer sweatsuits, and more.

Amazon Music Gaining More New Signups Than Spotify & Apple Music

According to Rolling Stone, Amazon Music has grown by 70% in the last year. By catering to the people who only listen to music casually, Amazon Music is gaining audience from older generations.

Prince Estate Takes Home $7 Million in Lawsuit Against Eye Records

Eye Records will have to cut Prince a check due to a lawsuit dating back to August 2018 over the bootlegged releases of “The Purple One.” According to documents obtained by TMZ, the judge has ruled in Prince’s favor dubbing Eye Records a “bootleg label” for sharing unofficial files from the late legend. In addition to Prince’s estate receiving a $7 million dollar bag, Eye Records will be forced to take down all bootleg files associated with him.

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