Wings, Pizza and FOOTBALL! How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party

These tips are foolproof for becoming the best host for the big game.

Wings, Pizza and FOOTBALL! How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party (Getty Images)

Whether you’re in a dorm room or an apartment, follow this guide to throw the Super Bowl party your friends will be waiting all football season for!


This is a no-brainer! There is no Super Bowl party without food. Matter of fact, if you’re ever invited to a party without food. Just politely decline.

You will usually find foods like pizza, wings, and chips and dip at your usual game-day party. But here’s how you turn it up a notch! 

Try matching the food menu with the teams that are playing. This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the San Francisco 49ers. But what kind of foods are these cities known for? This is where we get creative! 

When I think of Kansas City, I think of the Midwest’s love for BBQ, brisket, and chili! When I think of San Fran, I think of the city’s Asian influence and dishes like dumplings, egg rolls, and boba tea! 

Place the food facing each other on different sides of the table to truly give a rivalry feel. Clever, huh?

Get in the Spirit 

Establish a dress code! If you’re a Chiefs or a 49ers fan, you know the colors red/white or red/gold bleed deep! Ask your guests to play into the theme and wear the team colors. Bonus points if they paint their face!

But.. If your guests are anything like my dad and their favorite team isn’t playing, get them into the spirit by asking them to wear their team’s jersey even if they didn’t make it to the big game this year.

*Cries in NY Giants fan*

@annaguanchemd Wait. Are these the right jerseys? #justjokes #ilovesuperbowl #ilovesnoopmoretho #snoopdogg #superbowlparty #funny @Snoop Dogg inspo: @Chrissy ♬ Lodi Dodi (feat. Nancy Fletcher) – Snoop Dogg

If you’re the host, it could be fun to dress up in stripes like a referee and do a coin toss with your guests.


Super Bowl decorations don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Head to the store and grab football-themed balloons, plates, utensils, and table runners. An extra fun way to spruce up your party is to order fake grass turf and decorate your table like a football field. Set up the backdrop for photos with streamers and banners, and have a ball! 

Here’s an example from the 2023 game.

@ccuratedbymykia I decided to decorate just a little for the fam. Any excuse to decorate and make memories while they are still young and have time for me! Here are a few Super bowl DIY ideas I made with my @cricut machine! Starting with the shirts and signs. I used mugs from Michaels and empty buckets from the craftroom. I added vinyl on everything to replicate the football stitch using Oracle 631 (removable). I also thought it was a great idea to use baskets with paper instead of paper plates giving it a real arena vibe making clean up a breeze! Once the kids were done the paper goes into the trash. This is your sign to get a Cricut this thing does it all! I use it for all my party planning! Comment if you have a Cricut and make your own things! 🥰 #cricut #superbowlparty #superbowldecorations #diy ♬ original sound – Creatively curated by Mykia

Be Mindful of Your Guests 

Make sure your guests like the game! It could get annoying to hear “What does that mean again?” Besides, one of the best parts of the party is hearing the passion and the yelling (good or bad) from those watching the game. 


Get ready for my favorite part of the game. Halftime! While some guests are placing bets on the game’s score, my friends and I place bets on the Halftime show!  This year we’re all excited for Usher. We debate on what his opening song will be and if there will be any guest surprises. 

P.S.: Have you heard the rumor that Taylor Swift may perform since her boyfriend Travis Kelce plays for The Chiefs? We’re taking bets on that, too!


The Super Bowl is a time of year that has everyone glued to their TV screens. Although usual commercials would cause you to check your phone or take a restroom break, these commercials are filled with humor and tip-top marketing. Watch the commercials with your friends to get a good laugh. 

This is still one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Play Games

Football trivia is always fun for those who know their football facts! And for those who aren’t familiar with the sport, try this Super Bowl cities trivia game. The game is focused on the team’s home city, rather than the rules of the game. 

Bingo is a game that anyone can play, no matter their knowledge level of football.  And in true young adult fashion, cup pong is a great option if you have booze and want to get the party started. If all else fails, you can play a game of football outside. 

No matter who is playing, following these tips will make sure you are GAME READY! 

Who are you rooting for?

Jeydah Jenkins (she/her) is from Newark, NJ, but is an Atlanta-based journalist who covers the arts and culture. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok: @JeydahFromJersey.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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