‘Gen V’: Lampooning the College Experience Sky High

A shot of Compound V to the college system …

‘Gen V’: Lampooning the College Experience Sky High (Courtesy of Prime Video)

The universe of “The Boys” has always been a very interesting nut to crack. It is part dark comedy satire and yet can maneuver into full comedy with its absurd form of storytelling. Due to this, the news of a spin-off was met with skepticism. “Would the series be just as funny and hard-hitting?” 

The first episode of the show shocks us with a gory massacre due to a period gone horribly wrong. Just from that last sentence, you can tell that this show in the first 10 minutes lives up to the franchise.

“Gen V” explodes onto screens with a bang and never lets up through its generous three-episode start. Our protagonist is Marie Moreau, a young woman who dreams of becoming the first Black woman in “The Seven,” the ultimate superhero team. After being accepted into Godolkin University, God U as it is affectionately called, Marie must navigate through the web of socializing, popularity politics, and a strange conspiracy. The series is reminiscent of Disney’s 2005 film “Sky High,” but more violent and sexual. 

Honestly, the setting is a breath of fresh air especially when it seems that all of these student debauchery stories always happen in high school. Now with the show in college, it can be all the craziness with none of the icky baggage that comes with the high school setting. 

So far, the story is very interesting with a diverse and eclectic cast of characters that all have their own quirks and personalities that make them different from each other. Even with all these subtle changes, the show never lets up and still wears its craziness on its sleeve. The first episode has exploding bodies, arms getting ripped off, and a hamster-sized woman hanging off of a penis. The unpredictability is wild, both in story and content, but a warning must be issued. 

This show is not for the faint of heart, as it depicts scenes of self-harm and eating disorders, also a massive warning to those who have not seen or caught up with the regular “The Boys” show, as this takes place after season 3 and while it is not required watching, will spoil many plot points in the show.

This show is as addicting as Compound V, you get a taste and need to see more and Prime is your pusher. We will be anxiously awaiting the next episode this coming week. 

10 out of 10, a full-ride scholarship you should take. 

Zipporah Pruitt, (she/her) is an L.A. homegrown journalist, who covers entertainment and culture. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @zippzapps.

Guillermo Guzman (he/him/they) is a Texas-based nerd who loves talking about video games, autism, and entertainment. Follow him on Instagram: @boofy_booferson and Twitter: @Dimpy_Tenders.

Edited by Nykeya Woods.

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