Chop Shop


Hey this is Melissa Beavers PA for Remix Your Life. Today I want to talk about Kendrick Lamar and how he’s changing the game with his controversial rhymes and his boldness with other MCs. We looked at one of Kendrick’s verses in Control and talked about what we thought he was trying to explain.

My first question was, “why did people find this verse  controversial?” after getting a numerous amount of responses some being good and some being negative. One of the good responses was that he was only trying to spark up a challenge and get rapper he listed in his song such as Drake, Mac Miller, J. Cole, etc. out of their comfort zone. Some others said that he was being cocky and that he feels as though he’s the king of hip-hop. I think he was also trying to bring some competition to hip-hop.

Another question I asked was, “is it a bad thing to call other artist out?” I think yes, sometimes you got to call them out to see if they can bring something new. But everyone had their own opinion.


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