Is ‘Everything’s Trash’ Worth Watching?

Is ‘Everything’s Trash’ Worth Watching? (Freeform/Giovanni Rufino)

This article may contain spoilers of the TV show.

The new Freeform original “Everything’s Trash” premiered in July. After six episodes, this show proves to be the epitome of “stick around because it gets better.”

The show is an adaptation of New York-based comedian, actress and writer, Phoebe Robinson’s book “Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay.”

Robinson stars as the main character, Phoebe. She is an outspoken and sex-positive podcaster journeying the road of maturity due to her brother’s political campaign. 

Heavy promotion for this show wasn’t necessary. A Black woman on the show poster was enough to watch the first episode. However, going in with no understanding of the show and having no expectations made it insufferable. 

The jokes weren’t funny, and there was no telling what was next. But watching the first two episodes didn’t provide enough reason to write off the show altogether. Deciding to continue watching, this seemed to be a promising series. The plot made sense, the jokes were funny and Phoebe’s character was relatable. 

“Everything’s Trash” isn’t trash, and there are three highlights that make it worth watching.

First, there will be at least one character who makes you laugh. For example, Phoebe’s roommate, Michael, played by Moses Storm, is an exceptionally hilarious character. He has weird connections like with an owl guy (an actual guy who has access to owls) and always finds a way to express his desire to date Phoebe’s friend and co-host Malika. He is an interesting character with an exciting personality that causes one to laugh.

Additionally, this show has a lot of relatable moments. You can see yourself whether it’s being the person who’s been broke and had to pay their bills on day eight of the month or you had to face your fear and advocate for yourself in the workplace. There is a more extraordinary watch experience when you can relate to the characters’ humanity.

Most importantly, it’s exciting watching Phoebe and her journey. Although she makes decisions that can make you a bit nervous waiting for the consequences to come, you can see her grow. Her experiences are unique; she uses them to show you how everything is trash, but it’s okay. 

If you need more convincing, here are thoughts from viewers. 

Musician @Mayhrenate tweeted she’s feeling the show. While Twitter user @SALALAX0o thinks the show is hilarious

Freelance journalist and recent graduate Calvin Sykes also commented on the show. Sykes said he enjoys the show and relates to the main character.

“As I was watching it, I like how the premise of the show is based around the main character and how she uses her podcast to tell her stories,” Sykes said. “There are some parallels between me and the main character… and I’ve enjoyed it.”

Robinson told the New York Times the message she wants people to take from the show: to embrace where they are and laugh a lot.

“I just want people to embrace where they’re at,” Robinson said. “I hope that when people watch, they laugh a lot, but then maybe apply a little bit of that to themselves.”

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