How to Not Be the Awkward Wallflower in the Studio

How to Not Be the Awkward Wallflower in the Studio

Oakland, CARecording studios are where musical magic is created — so of course, bringing the right vibes and energy into that space is key. It’s important you know how to move correctly to positively add to the creative environment. There are many unspoken rules which a lot of people think are just common sense, but truth is, most people are wet behind the ears. Paying attention to these nine tips on how to act in the studio will have you prepared for any upcoming recording session you may find yourself present at:

1. Say “What’s Up” and introduce yourself to EVERYBODY when you walk in the studio.

I cannot tell you how many times people have been passed up in the studio and they’re one of the most important people in the room. First impressions are everything, so don’t screw it up over something as little as an introduction... just shake everyone’s hand.

2. Be involved in the conversation! Don’t be that random person who doesn't say a word!

Conversation is a part of the vibe. If you stay secluded or reserved, that can look bad on your part because it comes off as disinterested or unwilling to collaborate — and collaboration is what a studio session is all about. The studio is a creative space and collaboration is a big part of that. A word or sentence would be the bare minimum but the goal is to be open, get to know other creatives and gain connects that could potentially grow your network.

3. If you’re going to eat food, eat away from the mixing board and equipment — and make sure it doesn’t stink up the space.

I’ve seen straight tragedies where people have been eating next to equipment and spill a whole bev. If the equipment gets damaged that’s your a**, and that might ruin your chances with the studio, engineer, etc. Usually there will be a lounge, or another room that you can just chill and eat in. BE SMART.

4. If you’re participating in adult activities (drinking, smoking, etc.) make sure you got some for the whole team. Don’t be selfish lol.

Don’t be that person who pulls up with a fifth of that henny and sip it solo dolo — that’s part of the vibe too for some people. Like I said previously, it’s all about connecting and getting to know one another. One of the best ways to do that? Music and drinks, etc. Odds are people are on the same thing you on, so pop that bottle and share the love.

5. Include everybody. Everybody is there for a reason!

There are some folks who kind of ball hog when it comes to records. Don’t be that person. Include everyone because everyone’s got their own individual sauce. However don’t wait on someone to include you, showcase your confidence.

6. Intro’s are important!

If you’re going to bring yo partner and/or side pieces to the stu just make an announcement when you introduce yourself.  For example, “What’s up I’m ____, this my girl” or “this my patna.” If you’re not “famous,” odds are we don’t know you… let alone your girl/dude. A simple introduction is always needed so we can know each other from then on. Even if the “relationship” isn’t that serious, still introduce the person because it’s awkward not knowing who you’re chilling with in such an intimate setting.

7. Do NOT bring swishers, 99c wraps, etc.

Since I’m keeping it 100... nobody smoke those bruh! Not only are they unhealthy (even more than most products), they’re just nasty. Sorry to yuck your yum (not sorry) but “If it ain’t a Backwood, then it ain’t that good,” and “If it ain’t a Raw I don’t want it at all.” Abide by those quotes and you’ll be good my youngins.

8. Always (tastefully) offer to add/contribute something, you never know what people will mess with!

Never be afraid to showcase your talent! Learn how to read the room and to see what kind of contributions will be welcomed by the other creatives in the session. If you hear something that you feel would be a positive addition — lay that sh*t down. Magic is often made by building on top of others' ideas. And you never know where that impromptu collab could lead you.

9. Don’t bring people unannounced. That sh*t  is awkward and lowkey annoying +2 max.

Let the people in your session know ahead of time if you’re going to bring the homies through, especially if they’re randoms that no one knows because it throws the vibe off a little bit. Like bruh who are these people? Why are they here? Can they wait in the car? If they’re not involved in any parts of media (photography, digital media, music, music business, etc.), can’t contribute to the vibe/music, and are only sliding to stay on their phone for five hours… “it’s a no for me dawg.” You can bring whoever you want to your session but I’m just letting you know right now — if y’all pulling up unannounced to someone else's session, that’s annoying.

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