Playlist: Humid Rooftop

Playlist: Humid Rooftop

One of the more polarizing experiences I’ve had out here, being on the East Coast as opposed to the West, is the sudden changes in humidity. One day I’ll be hot as all hell sweating up my clothes, and the next I’m swimming through the street because of the heavy-ass rain. Constantly through it all though: the humid air. Whether it’s raining, blazing hot, day or night, you can count on the humidity wrapping you up like an empanada. These are some songs I’ve experienced while sitting, late night, on my roof, in the humid night. So a lot of dramatic-ass music being listened to by me, granted, alone on a rooftop in the AM, but it’s not like ima be slapping Justin Bieber.

 Yves Tumor is an artist I discovered through the FEELS VI Festival.  His performance scrambled the brains of the thousands in attendance with feedback and distortion. Oddly enough, his recorded music is much more chilled and honestly just really good.

This Blue Foundation trip-hop track was in my life hella long ago and I recently found it again in my Spotify library. Nostalgia is tasty.

Beach House is one dramatic-ass duo and they basically make the soundtrack of the moment for sad people. It’s Lit!

Beach House - Black Car

Sade…. is my god. That’s all I gotta say. Tattoo coming someday soon.

Sade - Cherish the Day

Connan Mockasin is one weird-ass person and this song is pretty fire.

Connan Mockasin - Con Conn Was Impatient

Myth Syzer is a French human that produces and sings. Not sure how I came across this but the mood of the whole track creates a dreamy synth-filled vibe that that is perfect for just staring at the lights of the city.

Myth Syzer - Le Code

Kanye West blew my whole life up when i first heard this song. It’s honestly kinda sad to me just like a lot of the songs on Late Registration. One of my favorite tracks ever though honestly.

Kanye West - Addiction

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad killed the whole game with this track. It’s modern jazz thriving and growing.

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Gate 54

Tyler the Creator used to be like a little silly gremlin but now has evolved into a majestic beast of an artist. It’s great to see his talent expand, and this track is a testament to how his new sound is definitely his own.

Tyler the Creator - Peach Fuzz

Goldlink doesn’t make much serious music but this song definitely stood out to me from his other tracks. I like dramatic music. What else can I say?

Goldlink - When I Die

Well these are just some tracks that fit my oddly specific mood and moments, but they’re all tracks that I can listen to and say that they have a place in my memories now. Each one of these songs were played on one of many nights I’ve spent on my roof in the humidity, staring out over the edge into the city. One of the most beautiful aspects of music is that one song can represent a moment in time for you, bringing you back to that feeling of the time you listened to it. Enjoy!

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