Jenna Ortega Carried ‘Wednesday’

Director Tim Burton’s take on “The Addams Family” has broken records.

Jenna Ortega Carried ‘Wednesday’ (Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022)

Director Tim Burton’s take on “The Addams Family” has broken records as “Wednesday” is now Netflix’s most streamed original show in a week.

Everyone’s favorite spooky family is back on your screens with a new series and modern twist starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday who does a phenomenal job maintaining a sickening feel throughout the sitcom.

I appreciate that this portrayal of the gut wrenching family is from the perspective of Wednesday as a teenager. Her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams take Wednesday to their old boarding school in Nevermore, hoping she will have the same fulfilling experiences as they did. Even though Wednesday is labeled as an outcast, her journey was easily relatable as she overcomes family pressures, cliques and love interests. 

It was interesting watching her lack every emotion possible but endure all the stress and drama teens do during high school. At times it was frustrating since her responses were either too unpredictable, witty or violent, but it made the intimate moments of the show even more enchanting. Nonetheless, it had me on the edge of my seat.

It’s unfortunate that Ortega’s supporting cast is mediocre. I had to rewatch certain episodes because I simply lost interest.The dialogue is cringy and written with terrible jokes that are nowhere near funny which is why I can only focus on Wednesday. Although some stood out and resembled good characteristics you want in friends. As irritably animated as Enid is, her positivity takes Wednesday out of her social cocoon bringing a balance to their yin and yang friendship.

I’ve noticed a cliche in almost every teen series of some sort of formal dance scene but “Wednesday” has the coolest dance number by far. Something about her dancing as if she isn’t being watched is extremely refreshing. Her confidence in being okay to stand out without worrying what other people think is prompt throughout the whole season which I think, is a great theme for the young consumers watching.

I applaud Burton for recreating a story that’s been told for decades many times. In order to please viewers and keep it interesting you need to have familiarity for people to reminisce on. His decision on incorporating Christina Ricci is a great way to pay homage to “The Addams Family” original movie. 

Some of the storylines of the characters either felt unnecessary or incomplete. Wednesday’s enemy-turned-friend, Bianca, gets a surprise visit from her mother questioning Biancas new identity as if there is a past to hide, but the show fails to expound on the secretes of her early life. Along with that, Bianca’s intimate moments with the mayors son, Lucas Walker, towards the end felt forced. There was too much chaos as the show was coming to an end for us to see a potential future for the both of them.

Hopefully in the next season, the show expounds on Wednesday’s powers, specifically how she ironically uses them for good. I can imagine her teaming up with the rest of her boarding school friends to continue to solve the supernatural crimes of Nevermore. Her ability to not take “no” as an answer from any authorities made her even more likable and I constantly found myself rooting for her.

Other than the underwhelming cheesy comedy, the plot twist makes up for it and the series is a fun watch. This is some of Jenna’s best work as you can see her commitment to her interpretation of Wednesday. The only question I have to ask is: why didn’t this air during Halloween?

Rating: 4.2/5

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