Leven Kali Gets Us Ready for the Summer with 'HIGHTIDE'

Leven Kali Gets Us Ready for the Summer with 'HIGHTIDE'


On May 1, Leven Kali dropped “HIGHTIDE,” the follow-up project to his 2019 debut album “Low Tide.” The 13-track project was produced by Kali himself and Memmi, and includes features from fellow R&B artists Syd, Smino, Ty Dolla $ign and Topaz Jones. “HIGHTIDE” provides you the best parts of R&B, funk and pop to create the perfect summer album. 


Kali starts the album off with this feel-good track. He sings about finding a new lover and wanting to get to know them. The song ends with an electric guitar riff which adds to the high energy of the track.

MADE 4 U ft. Syd

Kali teams up with Syd on this R&B love song. Syd and Kali harmonize perfectly on the track, giving it an intimate feel. And the addition of the violin on the beat works seamlessly with the romantic theme. 

PERFECT IS BORING ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Kali and Ty Dolla $ign continue the sultry mood on “PERFECT IS BORING,” with Ty Dolla $ign singing, “I need a freak just like me” in the chorus. Kali gets explicit in his verse as he questions his lover: “Would you misbehave if I put you in chains?/And tied you to the bedpost and broke down that thang.”


On this groovy track, Kali switches from the romantic theme, as he sings about having to work hard and struggling to be successful enough to make ends meet. In the bridge, Kali distorts his voice, making it sound kind of robotic, which gives the song a more electronic undertone. 

HOMEGIRL ft. Smino & Topaz Jones

“Homegirl” is an ode to navigating a friends-with-benefits relationship. Kali, Smino and Topaz Jones work perfectly on this track, each artist uses a different style of rapping or singing but manages to do so without interrupting the song’s groove.