Our Favorite Songs from 16-Year-Old Texas Native Splurge

Our Favorite Songs from 16-Year-Old Texas Native Splurge


Texas is notorious for being an influential rap scene, Rap-A-Lot Records, a record label founded by James Prince paved the way for the success of southern rap alongside their most notable act the Geto Boys. The Geto Boys were one of the first acts to put Texas music on the map. Following the long legacy of Texas rap, artists like Pimp C, Bun-B, Slim Thug, and Trae Tha Truth paved the way for many artists after them. Since then we’ve seen the rise of many young artists like 18-year-old rapper Tay-K who is actually from the same neighborhood as Splurge. Texas is definitely becoming a solid hub for hip-hop music.

Distorted 808’s, playful yet sprinkled with game raps and a knack for rapping without hooks is the recipe for a quintessential Splurge track. We first caught wind of Splurge via a dance video by Lil’ Uzi Vert and 10k Cash. East Arlington rapper Splurge is one of the most promising acts to come out of Texas. Already, Splurge has racked up millions of views on YouTube, and is only 16 years old. Splurge can easily rip a beat with just a simple 808 pattern, snare, and some hi-hats. He compliments his straightforward beats with his infectious bars to create something raw, and organic. We put together our favorite songs from East Arlington’s own below.

Beat By Jeff

“Beat By Jeff” is named after Splurge’s go-to producer, Beat By Jeff. This track shows the world what the duo is capable of.

Free Granny

Splurge turnt the summer up with multiple singles “Intro Part 2” and “Free Granny.” He matches both tracks with violent 808s and playful bars.


“BackWoods” consists of a crazy piano pattern also complemented with classic Splurge bars. “BackWoods” is unique because it’s one of his more popular songs that actually has a melody to it, different from fan-favorite songs like “Intro Part 2” and “Beat By Jeff.”


“Racks” is my favorite song from Splurge. This track will be stuck in your head all day. Unlike most of his other songs he catches our attention with an infectious hook, shying away from his usual song formula.

Basic Bitch

In the past few months Splurge has dropped project after project, and most recently, has delivered us with two new singles “Basic Bitch” and “No Case.” From listening to the two tracks, he does not plan on slowing down.

Intro Part 2

One of Beat By Jeff’s greatest features is his subtlety. To the untrained ear “Intro” and “Intro Part 2” sound similar, however, both tracks contain subtle differences, he delivers “Intro Part 2” with more energy and more intense 808s. “Intro Part 2” is probably his most successful song yet.

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