Playlist: LA Sun


It’s a little cliché but after spending the last month of my trip to New York getting rained on/freezing to death in 30-degree weather, I think I deserve a chance to say, “Thank the lord,” for the Los Angeles sun. Here’s a collection of some good-feeling music to enjoy on a sunny day.

Mick Jenkins – Gwendolynn’s Apprehension

This new Mick Jenkins album is so ridiculously good that I don’t think a day has passed where I’ve stopped slapping it.

Spote Breeze – Stubborn Optimist

This track was actually produced by a homie and I think the song title captures my recent vibes this month. S/O Spote Breeze.

Bakar – Dracula

Bakar threw me for a loop with this track when I first heard it but it definitely grew on me and it’s just a fun upbeat song!

LA Priest – Night Train

This track by LA Priest is smooth like a freshly shaved shin.

Little Dragon – Lover Chanting

This is definitely one of the greatest bands ever and they consistently release good music so bless up Little Dragon.

Larry June – Sausalito

There’s not many rappers that consistently make you smile with hilarious lyrics while keeping a tame, real vibe, but Larry June brings that to the table.

Anderson .Paak & Kendrick Lamar – Tints

Kendrick Lamar & Anderson .Paak on a track is a recipe for greatness and the song lived up to its lineup.

Kelela – Waitin (KAYTRANADA Remix)

Kelela is one of the most bomb artists to exist and then you mix that with one of the most bomb artists to ever exist ( KAYTRANADA ) and you get this masterpiece.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – You Won’t Be Missing That Part of Me

She’s dope and Kevin Parker actually helped produce the album so not much to not like here. Really psychedelic vibes.

Frank Ocean – Lost

I haven’t met one person who dislikes Frank Ocean because I think it’s actually physically impossible to not love him.

I hope this list brings you joy with some good songs to relax in the sun too, take care out there and always treat yourself right with productivity and rewarding goals.

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