Playlist: London On Fire Pt. 2

Playlist: London On Fire Pt. 2


When we talk about mainstream music, America tends to get credited most for churning out global superstars. However, we can’t forget that we aren’t the only country producing popular acts. Grime artists have steadily garnered more and more attention in the states with acts like Skepta and Stormzy creating crossover hits. It’s clear that artists from across the pond are tired of sitting shotgun; by blending elements of trap, dancehall and electronic music, what we’re hearing coming out of the UK right now is as eclectic and captivating as ever. These artists are part of a new wave you don’t want to miss out on. Here are six artists from the UK to look out for:

Chillah ft. Mike Sherm – Wells Fargo

From London to The Bay, rapper Chillah delivers us playful bar after bar. His thick UK accent mixed with Bay Area bounce makes for a great song to cut up to day or night, and/or “run up on a check like you doing cardio.” Just when you think the track couldn’t blap any harder Mike Sherm comes in with that short but strong left jab. Along with the beat, both Chillah and Mike Sherm don’t disappoint on this foreign Bay Area hit.

A2 ft. Octavian, Yxng Bane, & Suspect – Flair

If you’re into mosh pits this one’s for you! With distorted 808’s and a dash of cockiness, A2, Octavian, Yxng Bane, and Suspect are feeling themselves on “Flair.” A2 and friends put you in that Ric Flair “Woo!” mood, ready to “secure the bag.”

Last Night In Paris – Soirée

This one’s goin’ up at the Soirée (aka kickback)! On this slow-paced party hit, Last Night In Paris wants everyone to “pull up to the Soirée” as he talks about everything that goes down at his parties.

Octavian – Revenge

First off. GAS. Octavian’s playful bounce keeps you engaged the entire one minute and 50 seconds. The spacey beat with bangin’ 808’s compliments bar after bar making you want to cut up through traffic.

Nafe Smallz ft. M Huncho, & Gunna – Broken Homes

The catchy cadence and bounce of the beat puts you in that “Let’s gooooo!” mood. Nafe Smallz talks “gettin it how you live” and coming from a broken home, all while flexing designer brand clothes and bust down jewelry. With an alley-oop from Smallz, M Huncho (another UK artist) bodies his 16 along with Gunna who comes in with the right hook for the knockout. Banger.

Suave Sinatra – Maybach Dreams

In “Maybach Dream” Sinatra talks foreign cars, money schemes, and fake love. With his dynamic melody and reverb-drowned adlibs, he explains the relatable situation of his heart being frozen and just wanting the money. The bounce of the beat along with the lyrics make you feel like “F*** love, let’s get this bread!” Motivational *Future voice*

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