Playlist: Settling into a New City

Playlist: Settling into a New City

At this time in my life, it’s been bit hard to create a new sense of home for myself. These songs have each given me memories of home in a comforting way, providing the optimistic headspace I need to navigate a new environment. I kept it eclectic to cover the different moods new cities can stir up.

Patrick Paige II – On My Mind / Charge It to the Game

Patrick Paige II writes this song to his sister in a heartfelt song, with both sadness and love coming through. The emotions are heavy for such a vibrant track.

Travis Scott – AstroThunder

Travis Scott collabed with the insanely talented Thundercat on this one, and it’s definitely my favorite track off ASTROWORLD. It brings me memories of the countless times I slapped it to death while driving around the Bay.

Tierra Whack – Dr. Seuss

Tierra Whack an album with a run time of like 30 seconds, but this song def stood out to me the most, and is worth you looping it.

Kadhja Bonet – Mother Maybe

Kadhja Bonet is a damn star and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon her music, cause this track brings funky throwback vibes, and she’s from Richmond!!

Michael Seyer – Show Me How You Feel (Eros)

Michael Seyer brings a calm and collected mindset with this track that helps me relax and unwind!

Beach House – Lemon Glow

Beach House does sad but great new wave-type music like no one else honestly, and this album has many gems. This song in particular resonated with me very dearly though.

Ruthven – Hypothalamus

Ruthven is a new product of the “Paul Academy” which is Jai and A.K Paul’s lovechild. It’s beautiful. Just listen, and it gives a little taste of the very-much-missed Paul touch.

Noname – Part of Me

Noname actually sat me down with this song and props to her for still building her artistry. And sound. This song is dope.

Blood Orange – Saint

Blood Orange is that weird blend of pop, 80s and ambience. Listening to this song helped put me in a different headspace to be a little introspective! I remember listening to this in the Bay and now linking it over to a new city just feels right.

Mac Miller – Objects in the Mirror

When Mac Miller tragically passed away it actually shook me a bit more than I thought it would. This track was always my favorite from him and I think its profound, sad lyrics mixed with Pharrell production keeps it on repeat for me. This was one of the first albums that actually captivated me off of production alone when I was just learning to make beats… Even though I didn’t listen to him a lot in general, respect to him and this beautiful song.

      I hope this list provides you with some musical comfort no matter where you are. I believe it’s important we satisfy ourselves with a soundtrack to our moods, because being in touch with yourself and your feelings is how we are going to overcome our anxieties. Remember to make memories with your music, so that you always have a taste of home wherever you are.

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