Playlist: Songs to Fall in Love to (in Spanish)

Playlist: Songs to Fall in Love to (in Spanish) (Buena Vista Social Club (Photo Credit: XIIIfromTOKYO via Creative Commons Wikimedia))

Some days it’s inevitable; we get a feeling in our gut that tells us we care about someone more than usual. My go-to to help myself deal with these feelings is the Spanish music I grew up with. There’s just something about music from my culture that speaks to me on more levels than any English song. These songs paint a picture with feelings rather than just telling me a story with words. Hopefully this playlist of classics takes you there.

Buena Vista Social Club - Dos Gardenias

Buena Vista Social Club is a group I grew up listening to every now and then at family gatherings. It wasn’t until I was older that their music really made sense to me, and I was finally able to appreciate the beauty of the group. Waking up to this song will put you in a mood for love.

Julio Jaramillo - Nuestro Juramento

Julio Jaramillo brings his rendition of a song by Benito de Jesús, a song about two passionate beings’ vows to always love each other.

Joe Cuba Sextet - Mujer Divina

Joe Cuba Sextet’s song reminds me of being a hot mess when I used to live in LA, riding around at night in the valley thinking about torn-up relationships. This is funny considering the entire song is about a woman of divine beauty.

Eydie Gormé y Los Panchos - Sabor A Mi

Eydie Gormé y Los Panchos blessed us with this song featuring flawless guitars and the dreamy sensation of love in its lyrics.

Los Panchos - Sin Ti

Los Panchos are a group of guitar players that my grandma used to listen to. I was sitting at the breakfast table while this song played one day and my grandma said to me (in Spanish) that this song reminds her of an old jealous boyfriend that left her alone at a party in Guatemala because she danced with one of his friends. That’s a story that makes me think of love and beauty like nothing else. This song's name translates to “without you."

Vicente Garcia - Dulcito e Coco

Vicente Garcia’s Dulcito e Coco is a beautiful blend of sounds and passion that puts me in my feelings every time.

Devendra Banhart - Mi Negrita

Devendra Banhart creates some beautiful music, and this song is no exception. I fasho cried to this song before, so listen to it and fall in love or sumn.

Frankie Reyes - Flor de Azalea

Frankie Reyes is a young person which is wild as hell considering this beautiful song full of lucious keys sounds like a dip back to the past. This track screams passion.

Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo

Rodrigo Amarante's amazing song about the perseverance to be someone’s world may also be featured in the TV show Narcos but that shouldn’t distract from its beauty. I can sing the whole thing to you in person if you wanna feel uncomfortable for no reason.

Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

Manu Chao is last but definitely not least as he brings us a song that sings of his longing for a special person, listing what he likes about this person, but not knowing what he will do about it. I grew up to this song and it definitely brings a lot of loving memories to me.

I know that this is a pretty intense list. But I hope that you take the time to appreciate these songs, to see their individual beauty, and the power they have. Feel something!

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