Remix Your Life: Weekly Recap



          Tuesday, Remix Your Life dissected honesty as the topic of the week. We took a look at a classic, “Next Lifetime,” by Erykah Badu, to analyze, free write and then develop our student-made weekly prompts. Wednesday, we took a look at metaphors: a figure of speech identifying one thing as another, symbolically and abstractly. We analyzed a cool line, “..I know I’m a lot of woman/ But not enough to divide the pie…,” as an example, then let our Remixers have at it. The next day, we challenged Remix to take it from the page to the stage to work on eye contact while performing.  As a performer, it is important to keep good eye contact with your audience. It shows confidence in your abilities and enhances the performance tremendously. Some remixers struggled to keep eye contact or give it at all. Other, more experienced participants took our challenge and began to bloom. To cap the week off, we chilled out to some nice music in a Youth Radio gathering we like to call “Friday Night Live.” A fun time for students to connect and get to know each other even better; one of the many things Youth Radio provides the space to do.


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