Fenty Hair is Rihanna’s Newest Business Venture

Rihanna's new hair care line, with nine products for repair and restoration, is for all hair types.

Fenty Hair is Rihanna’s Newest Business Venture (@fentyhair via Instagram)

Rihanna has continued to evolve her Fenty businesses, creating niche products that are needed in the beauty and fashion industry. The Bad Gyal is known for breaking barriers and setting trends, and she recently added a new business under her belt, Fenty Hair.

The “Rude Boy” singer held a private launch party in Los Angeles and rocked her short blonde curls.

When it comes to hair Rihanna has given us many iconic looks such as her legendary bantu knots, faux locs, the short stylish pixie cut, and the vibrant red hair era to just name a few. Her hair is always a topic of conversation and has sparked many trends throughout the years, making it easy to see where the haircare line comes into play.

Repairing the hair is at the core of every product in the inaugural collection. The brand has five key ingredients to help repair and replenish hair strands for any type of hair, which include Barbados gooseberry, upcycled jackfruit extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and green tea extract. These vital ingredients are called the “Replenicore-5.” The collection comprises nine items, including a Fenty edge brush.

Each product has a unique and catchy name to match the product like The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo, The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment, The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream, and The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel. The prices range from $18-$36.

Upon entry to the immersive experience, viewers are met with a hallway showcasing her previous magazine covers. They are instantly met with photo opportunities, free samples, an opportunity to purchase the products early as well as a chance to have a stylist style their hair with Fenty Hair. There were also opportunities to learn about the science behind the products at the center of it all.

Social media has hot takes on the hair care line, split between being excited to try and feeling fatigued from celebrities starting  natural hair care lines when they are known for extensions. 

Personal opinion: Rihanna is known for being authentic and that shines through her products. I do not doubt that that will be the case for this new business venture. I am excited to see if this will expand to other hair care necessities because overall Fenty Hair is vague and can go in many directions such as wigs, extensions, and dyes which are what some fans are looking for. 

Ariyana Griffin is a graduate student from Morgan State University. She is a California native and also a graduate of Clark Atlanta University. Follow her on X: @Ariyanaaganee and Instagram: @ari.yana.g.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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