RYL Studios Inspo Playlist: Bedroom Lo-Fi Chords

RYL Studios Inspo Playlist: Bedroom Lo-Fi Chords

Oakland, CAI have selected these beautiful songs by beautifully independent artists who stray away from traditional means of making and releasing music. From hip hop to future bass, these tracks come packed full with chord progressions that are sure to surprise and intrigue you. All songs and artists have inspired the creation of my sample pack, "Bedroom LoFi Chords," available to download here.

"IDK" by Milo

Coming from the magically unique minds of Milo and Kenny Segal, IDK starts off this playlist with a chord progression that paints a picture of comfortable boredom. Almost as if we’re groovin' to the elevator music headed to the top floor of a high rise.

"Johnny Bravo" by Bobbing

We made it to the top floor, and Bobbing is playing! This wonderfully unique tune hits hard and takes the cake when it comes to giving the old I-II-IV progression new life.

"Flunked This Semester" by HM Surf

Take a minute to notice your surroundings and inhale with this LoFi gem that’s sure to pull your conscious thought back to simpler times. Huge nostalgic vibes with this lush LoFi.

"Girl (feat.Clairo)" by Brennam Henderson

This genre-bendy track is one of the best bedroom indie songs I know, the chord progression is beautifully complemented by Clairo’s vocal melodies.

"Animals" by Baths

This busy track’s production is sure to leave your thoughts swirling. Grounded by the bass line, the chord progression in this track helps me feel productive and on top of my game.

"Car Window" by Yeek

Lets slow it down with this emotional track. This chord progression perfectly captures the late-night walk vibes.

"Home" by Medasin

Talk about one of my favorite chord progressions! This track is called "Home," a feeling that means something different to everyone. Yet Medasin seems to perfectly capture that with this track.

"Reading Tabs" by HM Surf, Sleepdealer

LoFi beats can go hard too! The percussion combined with a progression that seems to answer its own questions leads to one of my favorite LoFi beats of all time.

"Bought My Kid A High Chair" by Scallops Hotel

Black Orpheus buys his kid a high chair in this wonderful track produced by R.A.P. Ferreira himself.

"Cucumber Water" by Biskwiq

Closing it off with this wonderful future bass LoFi featuring 50 Cent's famous bars. Tied all together by the beautifully conversive progression, this track keeps it relatively simple while keeping us significantly engaged.
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