Playlist: Waiting for the Sun

Playlist: Waiting for the Sun

With the weather being so flip floppy recently, I crafted a playlist here to pass the time until those beautiful days where the healing sun is out. With most of the music originating from Africa, take a moment to appreciate and ponder your ancestors.

Yègellé Tezeta – Mulatu Astatke

Bul ma miin – Orchestra Baobab

Cheikh Lô – M’beddemi

Saye Mogo Bana  – Issa Bagayoyo

1Er Gaou – Magic System

Paulette – Balla et ses Baladins

 Marijata – I Walk Alone

Dissan Na M’bera – Super Mama Djombo

Umalali, The Garifuna Collective – Mérua

AfroCubism – Jarabi

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