Worth Your Time: ‘Sli’merre,’ from Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne

Worth Your Time: ‘Sli’merre,’ from Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne


One of the South’s brightest rising stars, Young Nudy, and New York-based producer and rapper Pi’erre Bourne recently dropped their anticipated collab album, “Sli’merre.” The album comes in at a soft 39 minutes, which makes for an easy listen. The production style from Pi’erre Bourne and vocal delivery from Young Nudy are consistently perky throughout the entire project.

Young Nudy and Pi’erre display their musical chemistry through Nudy’s autotune-assisted melodies and Pi’erre’s classic fast-paced synths, followed by rapid hi-hats. The melodies and lyricism feel juvenile yet playful, which contributes to the elated feeling the album exudes. We compiled a list of our favorite songs from their collaborative project below.

Sunflower Seeds

“Sunflower Seeds” opens up with soft melodic chords and maintains a recurring simple vocal sample throughout the record. The instrumental has a vocal sample that gives it a nostalgic-like feeling and soft electronic piano that sets the tone for Nudy’s inspirational raps. Throw this song on repeat while you’re studying for your finals.

Black Hippie, White Hipster

Pi’erre previewed “Black Hippie, White Hipster” on Instagram Live a while back and it doesn’t disappoint. The song comes in at a short two minutes and 40 seconds, jam-packed with clever-yet-explicit wordplay. The beat slyly sneaks up on you, and as it drops, it turns into a melodic twang that makes you want to dance. This coupled with Nudy’s graceful flow, makes this record a must listen.

Long Ride

Pi’erre and Nudy kick the album off with the track “Long Ride,” a braggadocious record over what sounds like a warped synth. With lyrics comparing his current self to his past self, Nudy shows just how far he has come. The variety of his flow despite the repetition of the melody assists “Long Ride” in maintaining bouncy energy throughout the song. Occasionally, subtle sounds like a baby crying or Pi’erre’s producer tag cuts through Nudy’s playful flows adding to the overall charisma of track.

Mister (feat. 21 Savage)

Like the other songs on Sli’merre, “Mister” has a catchy melody that’s heavily supported by the sparse use of the flute and the amplified bass. The song has a lighthearted tone, making the transition to 21 Savage’s verse very smooth. 21 Savage laces the track with his signature medium-paced flow that we’ve come to know and love. Overall, “Mister” has a sound which finds a balance between extreme bass and light, airiness and it works really well.

Gas Station

Last but not least, “Gas Station” tells the story of Nudy meeting a “heaven-sent”  woman. Pi’erre hypnotizes us with dreamy production, with the warm tones almost hidden, contrasting well with the heaviness of the bass.  You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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