How Skincare Helped Me Find My Confidence

by Nina Roehl
Also Featured on KCBS

Last year–at a wedding–I met a distant aunt for the first time. She said, “Nina! You’re so pretty! But why do you have pimples?” It was my worst nightmare.

I’ve been dealing with acne since I was 10. I tried covering my face behind my hair. It got so bad that I even turned down last minute invitations to go out with friends, I wasn’t comfortable leaving the house bare-faced.

I’ve gone through a plethora of different acne face washes, toners, scrubs, spot treatments, and moisturizers. I even tried making my own peel-off face mask with egg whites and a paper towel. 

Nothing worked!

Finally, I visited a dermatologist who gave me a serious routine. I realized I needed to commit if I wanted to see a change. After six months of daily care, my skin finally cleared up.

But that realization and confidence didn’t just come to me overnight. Acne is something that a lot of people deal with, yet I still felt like I was all alone in my insecurity.

Beauty might be skin deep, but the confidence I learned is something I carry with me.


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