10 Self-Care Activities for the Winter Break

Between Christmas and New Year’s, it can feel like there’s barely any time for yourself. Here’s 10 things you can do to make the winter break all yours.

10 Self-Care Activities for the Winter Break (Getty Images)

If you’re anything like me, a full break from school is just the thing you’ve been waiting on since August. As a student, studying and doing work every day is draining, so rest and relaxation is extremely vital to your well-being. Unfortunately, with holidays and New Year’s, your vacation time will pass you by quickly. 

Here are 10 ideas to make the most out of your precious “me time.”

Go for a walk

There’s nothing truly more energizing than getting some fresh air while the sun’s still out. If you have family or friends that are willing, you can invite them too! Your mood will be lifted and it can help you feel more relaxed.

Get back in touch with an old hobby

A long break means that you have a ton of time to reconnect with those hobbies you didn’t have time for previously. You could paint, do a puzzle, read a book, really, anything that your heart desires! If you’re in need of a short but beautiful poetry collection, I recommend reading “Zom-Fam” by Kama La Mackerel.

Treat yourself to a spa day

Wearing a face mask, running a warm bath, lighting a nice candle, you know the vibe. You deserve to treat yourself to the best and let your stress melt away. And, if you have a crockpot, there is a way for you to get warm bath towels, just like you would get at a real spa.

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Write everything out

When your world feels like a whirlwind, sometimes all you need to quiet the noise is to organize your thoughts on paper. Journaling is a great way to take back control over your emotions and lead a more positive life. You may choose to write positive affirmations or reflect on the year and come up with some goals you want to achieve in the future. 

Form a new habit

Get ahead of the New Year’s resolution craze and start forming a new habit today! Whether you want to drink more water, catch up on more sleep, or incorporate meditation into your daily life, a small change today can make all the difference tomorrow. 

Re-evaluate your budget

For the Class of 2020 in California, students graduated with an average debt of $21,125 (The Institute for College Access and Success). In order to limit the amount you might owe in the future, borrow wisely and consider limiting your living expenses. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your spending habits and take control over your finances. 

Don’t know where to start? Forbes released a great article on how to create a college budget

Nourish yourself well

With so many delicious recipes on TikTok and Instagram, how can you ever resist trying one at home? Cook or bake yourself a treat this holiday, because there is nothing more satisfying than a good meal. 

Explore your city

Discover a new restaurant, store, or coffee shop in your area. So many local businesses would love your support!

Develop a morning routine

Waking up with no sense of urgency to get ready and head out the door can give you time to discover what habits you’d like to change or add to your mornings. Developing a morning (or night) routine can be carried with you into the spring semester and help you catch those very necessary Z’s. 

Set boundaries and say NO

If you must work over the holidays, make clear boundaries between your work and personal time. Winter break should be all about you. Spend your time doing activities that replenish your energy, not deplete it. You should also try to be realistic about the things you are able to get done in a day. Long laundry lists do nothing but cause overwhelm.

Knives Nguyen (she/he/they), is a journalist from the Bay Area who covers entertainment, culture and student life. You can connect with them on LinkedIn: @knivesnguyen.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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