Is Gen Z Getting Old?

Is the humor gap between Gen Z and Gen Alpha getting wider by the day?

Is Gen Z Getting Old? (Ben Duchac via Unsplash)

As Gen Z begins to experience the effects of generational shift, they are facing a taste of their own medicine after years of mocking millennial humor as “cringe.” This transformation is spurred by the rise of Gen Alpha, those born between the early 2010s and mid-2020s, who are now creating their own memes and cultural trends.

Until recently, Gen Alpha had largely escaped the generational spotlight, avoiding the intense discussions often sparked by intergenerational differences, according to Insider. However, as the eldest members of Gen Alpha transition into their tween years, a noticeable shift is taking place.

One puzzling trend that has emerged centers around the popularity of “Skibidi Toilet,” an animated YouTube series featuring singing and dancing toilet-like creatures with aspirations of world domination. The series, created by “DaFuq!?Boom!,” boasts a substantial online following, with over 22.6 million YouTube subscribers and millions of views on both YouTube and TikTok.

The show’s quirkiness has caused confusion among Gen Z, who are now encountering the cultural output of Gen Alpha. “Skibidi Toilet” has evolved into a meme, with users incorporating the characters into sketches related to popular games like “Minecraft” and interactions with internet personalities such as MrBeast.

This unfamiliar meme landscape has left some Gen Z feeling out of touch. An individual on Twitter reported their younger sibling, born in 2013, referring to Gen Z as “old and stupid.” Others echoed this sentiment, sharing experiences of confusion and comparing it to how they once felt when their parents struggled to explain unfamiliar references during their own youth.

The tide seems to be turning, with Gen Z now finding themselves potentially subject to the mockery they once directed at millennials. A TikTok user posted a video suggesting that Gen Alpha might start ridiculing Gen Z’s sense of humor, similar to how Gen Zers made fun of millennials.

The central mystery revolves around “Skibidi Toilet,” which some Gen Z admit they don’t understand. This shift in perspective has sparked discussions online, with users expressing their concerns about aging and feeling outdated.

The narrative highlights the intricate interplay between generations in the realm of internet culture. As Gen Z navigates this evolving landscape, they are reminded that they, too, will eventually relinquish their status as the youngest adults. In the meantime, Gen Alpha’s rise serves as a reminder that generational shifts are an inherent part of societal evolution, offering fresh perspectives and cultural expressions.

Noumaan Faiz, (he/him) is a journalist and entertainer from Hayward, CA who covers culture and entertainment.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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