High School Turned College Sweethearts Give Advice on Finding Love

High School Turned College Sweethearts Give Advice on Finding Love

Photo courtesy of Grecia Gonzalez

Love is hard to find. Yet, finding love in the 21st century can be 10 times as challenging.

In modern society, the nature of love has invited a fresh, distinct cultural and social horizon of people unwelcome to emotion, empathy and affection. While this has generated a population of independence and self-assurance, it has also sparked a generation of less commitment or disloyalty in romance. 

Society has allowed social media to shape the way people view love, causing the minds of countless to think it’s rare to find a “perfect love” and to have a relationship without infidelity, which embraces a new pandemic of toxicity in relationships. Society’s definition of a perfect relationship is no mistakes at all and ever when people make numerous mishaps daily. 

Generation Z fails to realize that perfect love doesn’t exist, but true love does.  

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many are still in search of finding their sweetheart to share this special day. However, this won’t be much of a hassle for Grecia Gonzalez and Thomas Champa as this college couple found their love for each other in their junior year in high school. 

YR Media chatted with the high school sweethearts on how they found love in a generation seamlessly not caring about authentic love. 

Editor’s note: This conversation has been condensed and slightly edited for clarity.

YR Media: Give us a brief description of your love journey from the beginning to now.

Champa: “I met Grecia in high school during sophomore year. We were not exactly friends; I was more of a friend of a friend. We hung out a few times in our friend group, but I never really thought anything of it. When junior year began, I slowly started developing feelings toward her. I noticed that she had been making an effort to talk to me a lot more throughout the day than she ever had. I then asked her to the homecoming dance, and we hit it off immediately. We’ve been together for four years now, and my feelings for her have only grown bigger.”

YR Media: How are you two still going strong in a generation that seemingly doesn’t believe in finding love during their lifetime? 

Gonzalez: “Personally, I came from a traditional hispanic home and I think I grew up being taught a lot of values others were not taught. My parents have also been a great example since they as well have been dating since high school times and to this day I still clearly see them love and care about each other.”

Champa:  “What makes us two still exist together in this relationship is that we still care about each other. Just like any other relationship, there are problems that arise. However, at the end of the day, we still manage to care for each other through thick and thin. Instead of giving up on each other, we continue to show the same love for each other that we have for over four years now. My biggest advice for those looking for love is to be yourself. You will find someone, and you will feel better knowing that they love you for who you are as a person.”

YR Media: What’s the biggest advice you would give to those looking for a love like this? 

Gonzalez: “Things that are a standard such as loyalty are seen as luxury and I just don’t get that. That’s just one example. I think people need to generally care about their significant other. When you actually love and care about someone you are always there for them, you respect them, you always put your full efforts for that person, create a happy healthy relationship. You continue enjoying life together no matter the ups and downs you get through it together.  A relationship is not to gain anything or think your cool whatever no. I think my biggest advice would be to always have a good heart, stay true to who you are, put effort and make sure your values are in the right place.”