Leaning on Religion for Healing

by Kiara Roberson
Also Featured on KCBS
Photo: Diana Vargas on Unsplash

I dealt with anxiety and depression for a long time. It got so bad, I started skipping school. The solution I found was actually right under my nose: I found comfort in church.

I’ve been going to church my whole life. My mom said I had to. But most of that time, it was just something I did without thinking.

Then around sixth grade, I started struggling with mental health. I had no hope whatsoever. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I remember going to class sweating and my body shaking, because I had so much fear of people smelling my sweat.

I turned to counseling but that didn’t help. That’s when I started reaching out to God. I felt like there wasn’t another option to take my pain away, so I prayed and read the Bible.

It didn’t happen overnight. My anxiety didn’t cool down until the middle of sophomore year.

I know, different people find different ways to deal with their mental health struggles. Some turn to therapy, or to music-making. For me, it was spirituality.

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