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5 Ways To Have Fun This Summer Even If You’re Broke!

5 Ways To Have Fun This Summer Even If You’re Broke!


It’s nearly summer, the season of large-scale, expensive music festivals, road trips and long vacations. But, if you’re a Nochella–you know, a no-fund-havin’ individual–those options might be out of your price range. But don’t sweat it. We got you covered.

Here’s some tips for you to still manage a fun summer without burning your wallet.

1. Listen to some podcasts

No, seriously, they’re not just for 40-somethings. Podcasts can also be popular with young people! From pop culture to music to true crime, there is a podcast out there for everyone. Some of my favorites right now are “Stuff You Should Know” by How Stuff Works and “The Ross Bolen Podcast” by Grandex Media. I like to listen while I drive, bike, run trails or chill on my lazy days.

To find your perfect ‘pod, visit your local search engine or podcast app. Then, crack open your bev of choice and enjoy the audio experience.

2. Visit a museum (and find out when you might be able to get in for free)

Museum visits are probably one of the most slept-on activities, but to be honest, they’re actually a fun way to learn about arts and retaining history while avoiding the price you’d need to pay for classes. Plus you get free air conditioning alongside your stimulating experience.

Most museums have a monthly free day or serious discounts for students. Go to your favorite museum’s website and look for deals.

3. Make over your living space

If you’re more of the summertime homebody, no problem! If you’ve missed spring cleaning, it’s not too late to kick off your summer with a fresh new take on your space by deep-cleaning and rearranging furniture in the room where you spend the most time. For example, if it’s too hot in your room, you can move your bed closer to the window to get some wind action going on–it’ll change your life, trust me.

Changing up your room will provide minor change and excitement in your life. And it’s the little things, right? Plus, it’ll throw your friends off next time they’re over and you’ll be able to stream your shows from a clean new view.

4. Hit up free local arts and culture shows

Are you an aspiring concert goer but don’t have the funds to be buying Kendrick concert tickets? No problem. Just hit up social media, such as browsing Facebook events, to see if there are any block parties happening or local street festivals going on in your area.

There are also websites in many cities for local events and venues with free or suggested donations. Sliding scale is your friend.

5. Beach bum it all day with friends

This one is definitely a no brainer, even without a whip. For transportation, you can get yourself an Uber Pool, or better yet, hop on public transit. If you have a friend who does drive, just throw down some gas money and you’ll be on your way.

There are tons of other fun cheap things to do–we just hit the tip of the iceberg. Did you think of any other fun cheap things to do over the summer? Tweet us your suggestions @youthradio and have a good summer!

Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community
Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community