Looking Ahead: Gen Z Trends For 2023

Find out what will be on Gen Z's minds in the year ahead.

Looking Ahead: Gen Z Trends For 2023 (Planet Volumes via Unsplash)

ChicagoGen Z are heading into the new year with a lot on their mind, focused on things like sustainability, taking action and financial literacy, a new survey from Instagram reveals. 

In its 2023 Trend Report, the platform surveyed 1,200 Gen Z social media users between the ages of 16 and 24 to predict what their plans will be for the new year, according to Adweek.

Here are some highlights from their findings:

Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct

More than half of respondents said they plan to make their own clothes in 2023 and with costs on the rise, more than one-quarter are turning to thrifting next year. 

Taking action

Gen Z social media users said they will use their money to support causes and communities in 2023. Three out of four Gen Z want to follow an influencer who has a disability and Instagram predicts more users to engage with creators who advocate for those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

Climate and expressive beauty

More Gen Z consumers are likely to use makeup to express their personality than augment their feeling of beauty, Instagram and WGSN found. Two out of three respondents prefer buying skincare or beauty products that protect against extreme weather and sun.

A financial renaissance

About 64% of respondents plan to monetize a social content project in 2023. Over 85% plan to learn a new skill, with one out of four looking to boost their finance skills. Additionally, nearly one-half of creators say they make content to express themselves and have fun.  Instagram predicts that those interests will transform into side hustles.

Participatory global eats

About 68% of Gen Z social media users will either continue to eat or would like to try food from another culture after discovering it online. 

Community and participation

About one-third of respondents are looking forward to in-person experiences with their favorite influences at conventions and meet and greets. More than 40% of the Gen Zers also said they want to hear podcasts from their favorite social media creators next year. 

Return of the rave and rise of global beats 

About 68% of Gen Zers said they planned to attend or want to attend a rave in 2023. More than one half intend to listen to non-English speaking artists from genres like K-pop and Latinx.

Dating 2023

More than one half of respondents feel more comfortable being vulnerable online and over text than in-person. About one half of Gen Z also answered “yes” when asked if they would ever send a meme as a first message to a match in a dating app but 39% said having bad taste in memes make their crush less attractive.

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