Gen Z’s Holiday Gift Guide

Gen Z’s Holiday Gift Guide (Photo: Getty Images)

Still looking for that perfect gift for those under 25? Take a look at our list for Gen Z, and hey, for our older counterparts as well.

Valentina Prieto Black

  1. Rubber Tree Plants by Ainsel and Ivy

Balancing a healthy mental state after the pandemic has been challenging.4 Considering all the time I spend in my room, the state of my room often reflects my mental health. Having plants, specifically the Rubber Tree plants, can make such a difference and so much bring life into your space. These low-maintenance plants can boost moods, purify the air, reduce stress, making them simple, yet thoughtful gifts that anyone can enjoy. A fun thing to give along with these is little personalized poems or metaphors to go along with the plant so that the person thinks of you whenever they see or care for the Rubber Tree plant! 

  1. Jewelry

Gifting jewelry can rarely go wrong, there are many options that can be as personalized as you’d like or just simple designs. Before you buy the jewelry, make sure to find out whether the person you’ll give it to likes gold or silver jewelry better. A good starting option for a statement necklace is this May Flower Beaded Necklace from En Route. This makes for a very unique gift that adds a pop of color to any outfit. The clashing of all the different beads simultaneously makes the necklace elegant and fun, perfect for everyone. 

  1. Concert tickets

What better gift than an experience? By giving people concert tickets, you’ll stand out from the other gifts and promise them a fun evening together. Whether the concert is of their favorite artist, your favorite artist or an under-the-radar local artist, being immersed in music is guaranteed fun, bonding experience, and an out-of-the-box gift that many would love. Check out upcoming concerts through Ticketmaster.

  1. Workwear or Puffer Jacket

I recently purchased a heavy-weight vintage men's jacket, and haven’t taken it off since! There are so many approaches you can take on this, however, I recommend neutral or earth tone colors and ones with sherpa on the inside to stay warm. I got mine from Carhartt but brands like Brixton, Brandy Melville. You can find these brands on Asos or you could always get them second-hand from sites like Depop and ThreadUp. Another good jacket people love is a good puffer jacket. A good timeless jacket option is a Sherpa Trucker Jacket from Levi’s. Stay warm and stylish this winter season 

Audrey La Jeunesse 

  1. Kodak M35

Everyone loves the vintage look for photos, and there’s nothing better than cool photos of friends and things that bring you joy. The Kodak M35 is super affordable and comes in lots of fun colors. 

  1. Meer Portable Mini Projector

The project can be used to watch movies in your room, or have random things playing in the background as decor. Either way, having a big screen anywhere with friends is great for the summer. This yellow one is super cute, hand size for portability, and has a built-in speaker. 

Emiliano Villa 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
  1. Anything vintage, ideally made of leather.
  1. Donda Stem Player

I just found out about this, and I'm obsessed with the concept. Kanye may have many flaws, but he is a genius. This isn't something he invented but I think this will start a trend of other devices like this or the trend of stripping music down this way. 

Nia McMillan

1. Anything Telfar

The Black-owned fashion brand was started by Telfar Clemens and has exploded over the last couple of years. Originally known solely for multicolored tote bags that took the streetwear by storm, the brand has expanded to include other accessories, shoes, coats, and big collabs with other brands like UGG and Moose Knuckle. After a photo of Beyonce with a white TELFAR tote went viral this year, TELFAR bags were quickly ushered in as the accessory of 2021. 

2. Money

When considering gifts, especially for loved ones, money can seem impersonal and unfeeling. However, if buying presents for young people in your life, oftentimes it is a needed stress reliever that can brighten up the holiday season. Cash can go towards textbooks for the college student in your life, be extra spending money for a younger person, or be saved for a rainy day by anyone. 

4. Crocs

Much of the country has already become fans of the shoe brand they once made fun of, and probably wouldn't be caught dead in. However, even the hardest among us can't resist the cushiony comfort of Crocs. They're the ultimate comfort-casual shoe, for grocery store runs, lazy school days, and time spent in the garden. But beware, once one opens their hearts to Crocs, it's hard to stop. Quickly one pair turns into five, all in different colors, customized with Jibbitz charms.

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