Want to Study Media? Try These HBCUs

These are just a few HBCUs that have great media programs whether you are interested in the technology side or the writing side.

Want to Study Media? Try These HBCUs (Getty Images)

Selecting a college with significant resources in your field of study is very important and could be the key to the success that you need. If you are into media, here are a few HBCUs in no particular order to look into while working on your search.

Howard University – Washington, D.C.

Students interested in Howard can select a concentration from three tracks: Audio, Journalism and Film. Howard is a prestigious institution and has a highly ranked media program among other HBCUs. Their university newspaper, The Hilltop, was co-founded by the great late  Zora Neale Hurston; this year, the historic paper celebrates its 100th year in circulation. They also have the renowned author of  “The 1619 Project,” Nikole Hannah-Jones, as the Chair in Race and Journalism. Howard has a radio station, WHUR-FM, which provides students with internships and experience to learn the radio industry. Howard has terrific connections across the department; this school is one to have on your list.

North Carolina A&T University – Greensboro, NC

NCAT’s newly re-accredited program looks forward to preparing “journalists, multi-platform content creators, and strategic communicators to tell stories from diverse perspectives and produce high caliber professional work by engaging in cutting-edge teaching, research, practice, and public service.” Students interested can select one of the three concentrations to focus on: Multimedia Journalism, Public relations, and Mass Media Productions. Their staff includes award-winning journalists and media professionals to help prepare their students for the industry.

Clark Atlanta University – Atlanta

While I am a 2022 illustrious Clark Atlanta University graduate, CAU has an excellent Mass Media Arts program. Students can pick a concentration: Journalism, Radio/TV/Film, or Public Relations. The staff has plenty of professionals who have worked and are currently working in the industry and have a wealth of information they are ready to share. Clark has a radio station (WCLK) and a television station (CAU TV), which can provide students with hands-on experience with top technology and have a great start to their resume post-graduation. Students also have an opportunity to collaborate and work with other schools in The Atlanta University Consortium (Spelman, Morehouse and Morris Brown), giving you endless networks on future media projects. Students will also have the opportunity to cross-register and take classes within Morehouse College’s Journalism Degree program. Atlanta is also a hotspot for media and opportunities. 

Prairie View A&M University – Prairie View, TX

If you are a tech person, enjoy learning other languages, and are interested in media, PV’s Languages and Communication department may be for you. The program offers “students a liberal arts education, emphasizing the acquisition of language and communication skills in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, as well as advanced knowledge of media techniques.” They have new technology and computer labs to ensure students get hands-on experience with production and software programs used in the entertainment and media industry. Some of the technology includes “MPEG-2, HD digital television studio, PC/MAC computer labs, and a media production laboratory to teach television production, news broadcasting, video animation, video editing, and Internet website development.”

Hampton University – Hampton, VA

If you want to take your passion for journalism to the next step, Hampton University may be the right school. Their focus is journalism, providing students with the tools they need to pursue a career across multimedia platforms. Here, you will receive a “solid grounding in reporting, editing, ethics, news judgment, layout, and design; students also become skilled in digital editing of video and audio while becoming solid journalists.” This program ensures that students have the opportunity to be well-rounded in their careers. The university is also expanding its department and will build a Global Media Center to prepare its students to take on worldwide media. 

These are just a couple of HBCUs to help you get started on finding your new home. However, searching for the perfect college takes work. Consider whether you are interested in private or public school, rural or city life, what state you want to move to, and even if you would like to attend a religion-based school. 

For example, I am originally from Inglewood, California; I traveled thousands of miles away with no family when I moved to Atlanta to attend CAU. Moving from the West to the South was a massive difference, but through research, a few calls home, and great friends, I made it through.

HBCUs have excellent media and other programs. There are 107 institutions, so there is bound to be one with what you are looking for. 

Ariyana Griffin is a graduate student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a California native and a graduate of Clark Atlanta University. Follow her on X: @Ariyanaaganee and Instagram: @ari.yana.g.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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