YR Media’s Official Shop Small Guide

YR Media’s Official Shop Small Guide (Here are YR Media's staff recommendations for local small businesses to shop from this holiday season. (Image: Wen Yu))

Amazon is everywhere, but we haven't forgotten about all the amazing small businesses that make our communities. So here's our shout out to some of our favorites, hand-picked by our staff around the country. We know it just scratches the surface, so feel free to share this list and keep adding to it on your socials.

5 shops to feed the people you love

Nguyen Coffee Supply Brooklyn, NY 

Photo: Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first ever Vietnamese-American-owned importer and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York. Recommended by YR Staff Merk Nguyen.

RND Coffee Roanoke, VA

Photo: RND Coffee

Brothers Steffon and Quincy Randolph founded RND coffee to make an inviting environment for community to gather and grow. Recommended by YR Staff Pedro Vega Jr.

Firebrand Artisan Breads Oakland, CA

Photo: Firebrand Artisan Breads

Born and raised in the East Bay, Firebrand is committed to serving the community both as an employer and as your local artisan bakery. Recommended by YR Staff Maeven McGovern.

Rancho Gordo Napa, CA

Photo: Rancho Gordo

Rancho Gordo’s agricultural pursuits are based on "being someone who likes to cook but gets frustrated by the lack of ingredients, especially those that are native to the New World." Recommended by YR Staff Max Walker.

The Punchdown Oakland, CA

Photo: The Punchdown

The Punchdown is a natural wine shop. Their online shop showcases everything in-store and pickup is easy. 21+ of course. Recommended by YR Staff Marshall Jackson.

5 artists with handmade goods

Eggiejee Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Eggie Jee

Eggie Jee is a Los Angeles-based artist with a BFA in animation from California College of the Arts, and a daughter of Korean immigrants. Eggie sells art and prints. Recommended by YR Staff Marjerrie Masicat.

Pineapple Studios Wilmington, NC

Photo: Pineapple Studios

Pineapple Studios offers handmade bakeware, dinner sets and mugs made by owner and house potter Jess. Recommended by YR Staff Pedro Vega Jr.

KoideStudio Berkeley, CA

Photo: KoideStudio

Clay goods in your everyday life. Made by artist Kiyomi Koide based in Berkeley. Recommended by YR Staff Ai Le.

Lunar Remedy Oakland, CA

Photo: Lunar Remedy

Lunar Remedy is your one-stop shop for all things calming and peaceful for you and your loved ones. Recommended by YR Staff Lissa Soep, who noted “Our very own [staff member] Cliff Lee's partner Tyra just launched her Oakland-based, BIPOC-owned line of candles, bath salts etc., and I ordered one and it's amazing!”

Studio Masaye Brooklyn, NY

Photo: Studio Masaye

Handmade jewelry created by artist Kate Armstrong. “I just hope that people can enjoy my handmade work and I can sustain my work as a form of therapy.” Recommended by YR Staff Maya Drexler.

5 shops to dress your best

Madow Futur Oakland, CA 

Photo: Madow Futur

"Combining the Somali word for black, Madow, and the French spelling for future, Madow Futur speaks specifically to the conditions of Black/African people with the statement that Black youth are the future. Each garment is a wearable demand for freedom and equality for all oppressed people." Created by YR Media alum extraordinaire, Senay Alkebu-lan. Recommended by many YR Staff. 

Love Iguehi Oakland, CA

Photo: Love Iguehi

A “Made-in-America” brand that uses strikingly colorful and bold African Ankara prints curated by founder and designer Iguehi James, to create fashions that showcases both her Oakland roots and Nigerian heritage. Recommended by YR Staff Lauren Rascoe.

Kinfoak Oakland, CA

Photo: Kinfoak

Kinfoak provides apparel and accessories inspired by the passions that unite California’s Bay Area. Products range from graphic tees and outerwear to headwear and artwork, and aim to strengthen the community’s sense of pride and awareness by reflecting its culture and core values. Recommended by YR Staff Rohith Reddy.

Kosa Oakland, CA

Photo: Kosa

Kosa Arts is a concept shop showcasing KOSA Brand Apparel as well as showcasing other artisan’s goods. Kosa Arts offers unique and limited edition pieces, set in evolving displays, curated to play with resonating elements. Recommended by YR Staff Rebecca Martin and Yared Gebru.



TOMBOGO™ is an experiential learning outlet for designer Tommy Bogo to create out-of-the-box products with intention to spur dialogue about function, form and impact in today’s climate of fashion. Constantly evolving, TOMBOGO™ reflects the life of the young designer, as well as current events in the world. Recommended by YR Staff Wen Yu.

5 other shops we love

East Bay Bookseller Oakland, CA

Photo: East Bay Booksellers

This bowling alley turned bookstore has been a community sounding board about these changes. A safe place in their midst. A discovery zone in their wake. In short, one of the best damn neighborhood bookstores you’re likely to find. Recommended by YR Staff Victoria Hinshaw.

Marcus Books Oakland, CA

Photo: Marcus Books

"As the nation’s oldest Black-owned independent bookstore celebrating its 60th year, Marcus Books’ mission is to provide opportunities for Black folks and their allies to celebrate and learn about Black people everywhere. It is a space that affirms and reflects back every beautiful shade of black." Recommended by YR Staff Nancy DeVille. 

Reformed School Chicago, IL

Photo: ReformedSchool

Founded in 2013, ReformedSchool began as a pre-tied bowtie and accessories brand using repurposed materials. Since then they have grown their product line to use fashion as a tool to educate. Items combine art, fashion, and eco friendly materials together to create unique items you can wear and adorn your home. Recommended by YR Staff Kathy Chaney.

Hida Tool & Hardware Company Berkeley, CA

Photo: Hida Tool & Hardware Company

Hida Tool Co. was started in response to requests from San Francisco Bay Area woodworkers to get tools like those being used by Makoto Imai, who had come from Japan in 1978 after his 5-year apprenticeship in carpentry plus 9 years as a teahouse and temple builder. Recommended by YR Staff Max Walker.

Stranded Records San Francisco, CA

Photo: Stranded Records

Stranded is the retail arm of archival label Superior Viaduct with locations in San Francisco, Oakland and New York. Stranded buys and sells records in New York City and the S.F. Bay Area. They sell new and used vinyl available in their brick-and-mortar stores. Recommended by YR Staff Marshall Jackson.

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