Rainbow Tea Is All the ‘T’ You Need


Rainbow Tea: where we sip tea and spill the T on all things LGBT(Q+)! It’s the podcast from outLoud – a program of Youth Radio that amplifies the voices of LGBTQ+ young people. Check out our first six episodes with hosts Rami & Paulina.



Episode 1: Coming Out

By Rami Kingsly-Doyle

Hosts Rami and Paulina tell their coming out stories!






Episode 2: Intersectional Identities

By Rami Kingsly-Doyle

Sometimes when you have a LGBTQ identity, that’s all people know you as. But we have multiple identities! This week on Rainbow Tea, hosts Rami and Paulina talk with high school students, Caleb and Mamiyana, about their various identities and how they intersect.





Episode 3: On Being Nonbinary

By Rami Kingsly-Doyle

“We are all AFAB, non-binary people but we all have very different presentations” says Desmond on this week’s episode of Rainbow Tea. Hosts Rami and Paulina lead this conversation about being a young person with a non-binary gender identity.




Episode 4: Trans Health

By Rami Kingsly-Doyle

On this episode of Rainbow Tea, hosts Rami and Paulina speak with the Public Health Institute about two projects for trans and non-binary folks. The Phoenix Project is for folks 18-29 that are trans and non-binary (510-712-8591) and SHIFT is a health promotion intervention and research project for transgender young adults of color 18-24 years old who live, work or go to school in SF or Alameda Counties (510-978-7057).




Episode 5: Queer Safe Space

By Rami Kingsly-Doyle

Where do bay area LGBTQ+ teens find community? Our Space in Hayward is one place! On this episode of Rainbow Tea, hosts Rami and Paulina talk with Diego about resources for queer young people!

Original beat by C. Britton



Episode 6: Sex Ed

When sex ed in high school is primarily cis and straight centered, how are LGBTQ+ young people prepared for safe sex as a queer person? On this episode of Rainbow Tea, Rami and Paulina talk to Tamar Back, a Health Educator from Planned Parenthood.




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