Help for the Unhoused to Get Their Stimulus Checks

Help for the Unhoused to Get Their Stimulus Checks

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Numerous Americans are still checking and/or calling their banks excessively about the third round of stimulus checks being disbursed out due to the pandemic. However, this isn’t a reality for over half a million people.

Unhouse Americans with a Social Security number, who can’t be claimed as a dependent and earn less than $75,000 qualifies for the stimulus. But many don’t have the access to file their taxes in order to receive the $1,400 payment.

Here are some tips to help get the money.

Filing Taxes

The IRS announced that the tax deadline is May 17. Qualified people can file their taxes free of charge through the IRS, which also offers free in-person assistance programs.

Another free tax filing service centered on stimulus payments is, in partnership with The United Way that’s committed to providing pandemic-related financial help. Others who prefer a call can reach the United Way through their 211 Economic Impact Payment Helpline at 844-322-3639.

Have a fixed address

It can be tricky to file taxes without a secure address.

Therefore, trained volunteers and tax resources can provide which address is the best fit to include on taxation forms, from a friend or relative or a PO box, free of charge.

“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lists a number of options for IRS mail correspondence, including shelters, service providers or places of worship that hold mail for clients; friends or relatives; rented mailboxes or even, as a last resort, General Delivery, a USPS service which offers a temporary mailing address,” reported journalists Maria Morava and Scottie Andrew on CNN.

Receivement of the payment

The IRS will require a physical bank address to send the check. 

If there is no bank information available for the unhoused person, the IRS could disburse the stimulus check through Economic Impact Payment (EIP) cards. 

However, information about EIP cards regarding the current stimulus payment is forthcoming. Therefore, unhoused people should consider opening a bank account with BankOn. BankOn helps people, who aren’t accessible to bank accounts, connect with banking that is “safe and affordable.”