Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Friends

Making plans with your friends on Valentine’s Day is a vibe. Here are a few ideas to have some fun on the day of love.

Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Friends (Getty Images)

Stores are filling up with cards, candy and bears as Valentine’s Day slowly approaches us. While the holiday is centered around lovebirds and couples, here are a few ways you can center and spend the day with your best friends.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix has a new season of “Love is Blind” dropping on Valentine’s Day and hundreds of binge-worthy shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Pile up your friends, grab some snacks and enjoy. If your friends are out of the state or country, you can use Teleparty, a way to screenshare streaming platforms so you guys can enjoy the show together simultaneously. 

Get Creative 

Valentine’s Day can get pretty creative, and so can you. A great way to do that is by visiting a pottery and paint shop such as Paint-A-Dream, Color Me Mine, or another local shop and creating a cup, plate, or memento with your best friends. A cool thing could be trading the cup or plate every ten minutes, so it has a piece of everyone’s creativity. You can also make things such as candles, knot blankets and other crafts that will allow you all to relax and bond.

Vision Board Party

The New Year always has a little bit of pressure on vision boards, but since that has settled down now is a great time to bring out those old magazines and create vision boards. You can listen to music and share what you put on them once everyone is finished. To make it even more fun you can go to the store before making them and select a new magazine or two with the vibe you are going for.

A Night Out on the Town

Make reservations at that restaurant you saved on TikTok and hit the town with your friends. You can even plan to make reservations at a fun activity like Top Golf, an escape room or go-kart racing. Make sure to make the reservations in advance, as this day is bound to be busy. 

Potluck and Game Night

Everyone can select an item to bring that is Valentine’s Day themed, such as pink cookies or chocolate-covered strawberries, and their favorite game. Playing games with your favorite people can bring out some playful competition and make amazing memories that can last a lifetime. Uno is also a top choice for me when it comes to game night, but be sure everyone has the same rules because it can get crazy. 

Valentine’s Day is the day to show love to those who you appreciate, and it is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with friends. If you are single this year, do not fret; reach out to your friends and have amazing friend-centered fun! Exchange cards and flowers with each other and spread the love!

Ariyana Griffin is a graduate student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a California native and a graduate of Clark Atlanta University. Follow her on X: @Ariyanaaganee and Instagram: @ari.yana.g.

Edited by Nykeya Woods

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