What Young People Are Saying About the Supreme Court’s Muslim Ban Decision

What Young People Are Saying About the Supreme Court’s Muslim Ban Decision

Ali Hussain, 16 and Yousif Saeed, 16 held signs protesting the Muslim Ban at San Francisco International Airport earlier this year. Photo by Roma Edwards/Youth Radio.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold President Donald Trump’s travel ban to certain Muslim countries. The Supreme Court has spoken, but so have the young people across America.

Here is what some young people are saying about today’s travel ban decision.

Sanaa Abrar is the Policy and Advocacy Manager at United We Dream, an immigrant youth-led organization. As a black and Muslim-American woman she was disheartened upon hearing the news but not surprised at all. She said that she had grown up with Islamophobia her whole life. But part of her remains hopeful.

“We’re seeing representatives from all communities such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, reproductive rights advocates, come in solidarity for Muslims,” She says. “At the core of it all, the people of this country will not stand for it.”

6.26.18 Disappointed. Ashamed. Not surprised. #muslimban #nobannowall #trumpsamerica

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The debris that clutters your soul Is a infectious blanket Conditioning the mind to be unreceptive, Take your miserable need to live in isolation To a donjon for away Where we won’t miss your presence . . Sending positive energy and strength over to all of my brown skin minority’s in every country. The orange man is reincarnating into the once known Nazi. But just like before, we WILL create an escape plan. This time we need the collective conscious to eliminate separation and limitation. I’m not saying to hold hands singing kumbaya in patience but come together with the purpose of elevating our reality into paradise not prison. . . . ? @treezphotographer #poetress #poetrycommunity #blackpoet #blackmodel #brownskin #poeticpain #muslimban #naziamerica #thisisamerica

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Protesters against the Muslim ban have hit the streets already in some major cities. Here’s a thread of scheduled protests sprouting across the nation. See if your city has one below.

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