Adult ISH Bios



Angela Nhi a.k.a. “Merk” Nguyen is a cisgender sis with a knack for puns that make Nyge want to quit his job. She’s living it up in Brooklyn, but she reps Seattle swag. Merk has a few things to #humblebrag about: making it onto NPR airwaves as a teen, speaking Vietnamese, and building an immunity to cats that she’s furry allergic to. She’s a WSU ‘18 alum and the next SpongeBob Squarepants. (No really, ask her about her voice acting dreams.)

Nygel “Nyge” Turner is an Oakland-based podcast host and producer. Legend holds that he’s never lost an argument, especially one to Merk. He got his start in audio by hosting Not Your Father’s Podcast, a podcast. He also recently launched his own cooking YouTube channel called Not Your Mama’s Kitchen. He’s currently in school and someday will own the red Jeep of his fantasies.

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